March 30

26 Things for Turning 26


It’s nice to reflect on all the things you think you have learnt over the past years of your life. I feel as though 26 kinda makes me even more of an adult, an adult who still feels like 18.

Although 18 year old me was and still am a granny who likes to read, be in their own company, and overreact to my own emotions.

Let’s get straight into it.

  1. You really should tell the people you love, you love them more often. You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow.
  2. Having friends that make you feel normal and with whom you can share every detail of your life is important. Sometimes your boyfriend doesn’t want to hear the details of your period.
  3. Do the things your inner child loved. For me, it’s reading. Don’t forget to nurture that younger version of yourself in order to thrive as an adult.
  4. Living slower is better than living at 100%.
  5. Push for results at the doctors when you think something is off, even if you are fine in the end. Peace of mind is better than a stressful mind.
  6. Save your money, but spend it equally on doing the things that create memories. Basically, stop wasting money on clothes and shoes and start spending it on doing things. But save too.
  7. There’s no rush to get married, have babies, or to even be a full-grown ADULT. Chill, have fun.
  8. Birth control was a mistake and I wish mothers of teenagers are made more aware of the damage it does to our bodies.
  9. Arguments with your other half are a good thing (unless it’s abusive or mentally/physically damaging) What I mean by this is YOU HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO ARGUE, and then learn how to resolve it afterwards. Life is all a huge compromise when you choose to spend it with someone else. Especially a person who grew up with no siblings (sorry Liam).
  10. Dogs are a huge commitment, if you’re a broody, get a dog first…
  11. Find a job you love, don’t work for someone else’s dream if it’s ruining your mental health.
  12. Find a creative hobby that can increase your income.
  13. See your grandparents more often. My grandparents mean the world to me and I would hate to miss out on the time we have left.
  14. Delete the social media apps that are taking over your life. Tik Tok is great but, how long do you spend mindlessly scrolling?
  15. Invest in personal development. Read more books, take a new course, push yourself out of your comfort zone. What’s the worst that could happen?
  16. Stop selling all your clothes when you need quick money, you will just end up buying more clothes to replace the ones you sold.
  17. If they’re not your people, they’re not your people. Don’t change to be liked or to fit in.
  18. Say yes to more exciting things before worrying about how much money it will cost.
  19. Hug more, kiss more, open up your feelings more.
  20. If you need help mentally, start the process now. The waiting list for therapy is MONTHS long.
  21. Listen to your body. Especially if you menstruate. If you’re feeling off, honour it, if you’re feeling productive, honour it!
  22. Learn more about your period, hormones and how your body actually works.
  23. Listen to podcasts in the morning instead of blasting the same songs every single day.
  24. Accept yourself for who you are. I have always hated my feet, but there’s nothing I can do about it now!
  25. Journal. Write down your feelings before trying to word them out loud.
  26. Finally, find gratitude in EVERY SINGLE DAY, negativity has no valid space when you can see the good in even the small moments.

I think I could actually go on and on and on and on. I’ll write some more next year.

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