May 9, 2021

This post is pretty much like one of those page-a-day entries. I haven’t written on this blog for some time now, and I am feeling a lack of creativity in my life at the moment.

So I thought I would grab some mint tea, sit down, and just spill out a load of words in the hope that someone reads this and finds it even an inch entertaining.

What’s Been Going On?

On the 25th of March, I moved into my first home with my boyfriend Liam. We waited five months for this move, and its the best thing I have ever ever ever ever done in my entire life. I say every day that this just feels so right. I never feel doubt in my mind. I don’t miss living at home with my parents I enjoy it so much more when people come to my house and I have to make them a cup of tea! (Or coffee in the fancy machine).

We of course took Winnie with us. Winnie is our 9-month-old cocker spaniel, and she is loving it here. Blessed with a chilled-out dog who pretty much sleeps all day long!

Life is just a bit fab.

We moved our holiday for this summer over to next year, so I’m pretty excited about that, and we have a trip to London coming up which is great!

Recently, whenever I ordered clothes online or bought them in the shops. I always hate it, the clothes never fit, and I find them so expensive?! (I just hate spending money…)

So, yeah. That’s a little ramble about what’s going on.


Since moving only half an hour away from my parent’s home, my anxiety about actually leaving my home has been huge. In the sense of getting into the car and driving somewhere.

I hate driving when I don’t know how to get to where I want to be. I know, this is what satnavs are for…

However, recently, after a minor breakdown. I decided to just push myself.

I went out for most of the day, by myself. The other half of my anxiety is leaving the dog at home alone. She is a covid dog, so her separation anxiety is sometimes rather bad.

We have just discovered that if we leave the TV on for her she calms right down and sleeps the whole time we were gone.


So yeah, I guess this is why I am writing this. I’m feeling a lot better mentally, and like my life is going somewhere. I just miss the creative freedom of just doing something I want to do and getting enjoyment from it.

I have a sewing machine upstairs that is crying for me to use, but I’m not sure what to make.

Instagram is also seeming a little like a chore but I’m trying to get back into that. Creating content is fun, but it’s all a bit boring at the moment! I’ve just ordered a tripod to start taking some photos of the outfits I have thrifted, so stay tuned for that.


Let me know how you’re feeling right now, what’s going on with you?

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