About Me

About Written By Charlotte

I am so excited to be starting this blog!
Launched the 31st of December 2017, when I finally realised I needed to do something about my hobby, and turn it into something amazing!
I’m just starting out, and still learning about all this book/writer blogger stuff, so bare with me/help me out!



Who Is This Blog For?

This blog is for my fellow bookish people.
Here you will find all things to do with books, reading, and writing. 

I will be sharing book reviews, which you can also view here on my Goodreads account  ; I plan to read 60 books this year!

Also here on Written by Charlotte, you will find a bundle of different posts about books, from what I have read, whats on my shelf, and books I will be giving away.

I will also be sharing some of my own short stories, for when those little ideas pop into my head, but they aren’t big enough for an entire novel.

Fan Fiction is also something I will be writing.
Everyone has read some books that they wish would continue, or it doesn’t end, or you’ve fallen in love with a character and they’ve gone forever!
The magic of Fan Fiction, is that you can create/read your own, or others!

If you love reading, writing, and all things bookish, then this blog is for you!

Why Did I Start Written By Charlotte?

After such a long time of loving to read, and learning how to write my own fiction novels, I finally took the plunge, and decided to share it all with you.

My main intentions are to join this amazing community of book lovers, and writers.
I want to share my views, and I want to read yours too!

I have wanted to create a blog following a niche that I love.

I do have a lifestyle blog over at Lottiethings.com, where I sometimes share little things that are happening in my life.

However, I am expecting way more from this blog.
Now I am writing about something I love, I hope you can help me turn this into something great!

I would love love love to create a book club (if you’re interested, message me!)
Writing reviews and sharing experiences with others will be so much fun, and we can help each other in the process.

I hope I can help whoever is also beginning their writing journey, maybe we could even help each other!
I’m always open to having a chat with anyone about writing, simply comment on my posts, or send me a message on my social accounts (email subscriptions are coming soon).

You can find me on Instagram and Twitter.


I have left this until last. I find it strange to talk about myself, and I felt that the blogging side of the about me was more important!

Anyway, here’s a little about me

I am 21 years old, still wondering what to do! #relatable
In fact, wondering how I can turn my hobby, into my life!
Meaning; I want to be able to live from what I earn, doing what I enjoy the most.

(If I can do it reading too, I mean, that would be perfect.)

I work in a school, so my imagination fly’s around a lot. I’ve made up many stories (and songs) about princesses, heroes, and even dinosaurs to entertain the young minds I care for.

I started this blog so I can share my other stories, mostly made for young adults/adults, not just four year old’s…

Recently, I have just completed a level 3 Fiction Writing course.
I know you don’t need qualifications to be a writer, but I enjoyed spending a year learning about it, and figuring out what I want to do.
There isn’t set genre I write about. Sometimes its YA, others; creepy thrillers.
I’m still trying to find what I prefer.

I might even write a story in each genre, share it on here, then decide what I like the best.
(I also would love to receive any feedback from you!)

Random Facts About Me

  • I have one sibling, a twin brother – Who’s also probably my best friend (You might see some of his story ideas on here too.)
  • I cannot stand repetitive noises. I could cry at the sound of constant beeping, rain drops, alarms… I could go on.
  • I currently use four different notebooks (unnecessary I know) all for different things.
  • My eyesight is so bad, I’d rather close my eyes than walk around with no glasses on.
  • I am in Ravenclaw, despite my boyfriend thinking I’d be better in Hufflepuff.
  • The first book I read properly was ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ by Stephen Chbosky.
  • I’m so good at the game Articulate, but I suck at Mastermind.
  • I am a super geek at heart and couldn’t be happier playing computer or console games (The Sims and Mario Kart are current faves).
  • I get really angry at myself if I’m not productive, but I will happily carry on sitting in a mood, and not being productive…

Thank you for taking the time to read my About me!

If you want to chat, be sure to follow me on my Social accounts!

Instagram – Writtenbycharlotte_

Twitter – Charlotteanndaw

Goodreads – Charlotte Dawson