About Me


Thank you for landing on this page…

Things about me;

  • I am twenty-four years old.
  • Becoming successful through my blog and social media is my goal.
  • I still live at home but saving every penny to move out.
  • Talking a load of rubbish and rambling on about nonsense is probably my highest skill.

The Blog 

This blog has always been a little bit of everything. Since 2020 I have started to share blog posts about self-improvement and positivity. I am all about that higher vibe life and hope to create a space where you can also learn, be happy, and connect with me!

I will be posting every Monday and Saturday at the moment.

Although the topics of this blog are changing, I will still be sharing my how-to blog journey.


You can also email me at writtenbycharlotte@gmail.com to ask questions, or just for a chat.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram too (probably the best place you can find me!)


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