About Me


Welcome to Written by Charlotte!

Here you will get to know a little bit about the real me, Charlotte Ann Dawson, and how you are certainly going to want to keep revisiting this blog to fulfil all your writing, reading and self-help needs!

(With the occasional random lifestyle post because they’re fun and I like them.)

So, a little about me…


I started a writing course a few years back, after my obsession with reading began. I have always written stories from a young age and thought it was time to do a bit of learning. Therefore, I completed a Fiction Writing Course, with the Open Study College with a Distinction.

I mostly write short stories, but I will be writing a full novel very soon. (Agents, send me a message!)

My content is usually about writing, books, or life; Self-help/ Advice.

Having struggled myself, I have done a fair bit of research and I have come a long way since, hence why I enjoy writing about self-help, to help others and share my knowledge on what I think works and what doesn’t.

If you want to know more personal details about me, follow me on my Social Medias since I post more of my ‘life stuff’ on there.

The Writing Side of Things…


The part of the about me page you really came for.

I have so many ideas in my mind about how far I want this blog to come, and how far I want my own writing and success to go.

In comes the blog.

Written by Charlotte is about how I can help you with your journey, whilst sharing mine. Sharing the failures, the successes, the lot. All for you.

So, if you are here, I am assuming you have a thing for writing, or books, and just enjoy my posts! (Thank you so much…)

Here on the blog you will learn;

  • The steps and different ways to write stories.
  • How to plan all aspects of a novel.
  • Gain confidence in yourself and your writing.
  • How to start off as a freelancer. (I will update this as I progress myself!)
  • Self-help advice.


Yes, I am a freelancer!

I create content for blogs and website, along the same sort of genres I write on my own, but I am open to creating content about other lifestyle topics (I can research well and learn quickly).

I do have a portfolio you can view here if you are looking to hire someone.

You can also email me at writtenbycharlotte@gmail.com to ask questions, or just for a chat.

If you ever want a chat, hit me up on here, or social media and I will always be available for a message!




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