Becoming a Wellness and Wellbeing Blog


Hello! This blog has been through many different genres, covered different topics and so on. Now Written By Charlotte is becoming a wellness/wellbeing blog. I mean, I used to always touch on these topics beforehand. The difference is that now I know that this is 100% the direction I want to go in.

Eventually, Written By Charlotte will move over to a better suited, branded website. For now, I will just be writing and sharing the content on here to becoming more disciplined in the process and create a habit of blogging once again.

New Wellness Blog

Over here on the blog you can expect more posts about finding meaning in everything you do, creating a happier lifestyle, and all round developing yourself to evolve and be the best version of yourself.

This content will come more freely to me, and easier for you to read and consume. I will be posting twice a week!

Sound good?

Give the blog a follow via email and you can recieve a monthly update of posts. I am slowly making my way through optimising the whole blog so please bare with me!

New Wellness Accounts

So, if you followed me on instagram you will know that I no longer use my @writtenbycharlotte account.

You can find me over at @charlotteawellness

I have decided to make this swap since my last account was just not fulfilling me anymore. I was not inspired by the content I created, or the accounts I followed.

Now my new account is more community based within the same subject of wellness, wellbeing, self care and personal growth. And I love it.

If you follow me on my other socials you will also receive more updates. I will be sharing motivational posts, enlightening words and other things to make you feel good over at;

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