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Charlotte Ann Dawson

Hello, and welcome to my little blog. My name is Charlotte Ann Dawson, you can call me Char, or Charlotte! I am the owner and the only writer for this blog. In fact, I do it all (with the help of google, YouTube, and my tech savvy Father…)

Here I post things about life and the way I am navigating my way through my 20’s. All posts are from my own views, research or experience.

I have recently began my journey to living a fuller life and reaching my full, or near enough full, potential. Slowly, I have made changes that have made me a happier person, with a healthier body and mind. I am here to share my wellness words and thoughts will you to hopefully encourage or motivate you to change your life.

Some posts you may want to read about my life are;

  • Reflection Time and Taking a Break – The time I took a break from social media and blogging and how you can too.
  • 2020 LIFE UPDATE – I mean, 2020 was an absolute blow out but hey, onto the next.
  • Getting a Puppy – The most exciting thing to happen to me in 2020, getting my baby Winnie! She has her own insta (@Winnie_englishcocker)


You can also email me at writtenbycharlotte to ask questions, or just for a chat.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram too (probably the best place you can find me!) I post daily and update my followers on all sorts of things throughout the day. My insta handle isĀ https://www.instagram.com/writtenbycharlotte/

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