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Charlotte Ann Dawson


Hello here is my contact me page, I assume you have already looked through my blog or my about me page! If not here’s a little link to read all about me and my little blog first.

This page is simply a list of my social media accounts, my email address and why you may want to get in touch with me! Since I am fairly new to optimising the blog and no longer just posting for fun, I would love some feedback or to meet some other bloggers in the same position as me!


I am looking to start sponsored posts or to share ADs for the right company/brand.

If you would like me to review your product and share your product with my followers then please don’t hesitate to contact me via email, or over on social media.

I would love to review or work with brands that promote a healthy lifestyle and to improve mental health. If this sounds like you, I would love to chat!


Charlotteawellness Instagram


Charlotte Dawson’s Twitter


However, if you are looking to contact me about the services I offer, please feel welcome to send me an email directly;

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