How To Plan a Short Story In Four Easy Steps


Four Simple Steps – Condensed down to make the whole process a lot less stressful easier.

So you want to write a short story…

I am not an expert, and i haven’t got a number one bestseller (YET), but here is my post about how to easily plan a short story.

You might be writing stories to self-publish like i am at the moment, or just for fun (or a school project or something like that.)

Most of my research comes from Pinterest. People make some amazing easy to follow info-graphics that do the job. On my Pinterest account i have a board dedicated to all things writing. Take a look if you need some more research!

If you have the urge and the creative flair to write, this post will help you do so! Stay tuned.

What is a short story?

A short story is a piece of writing  that is around 1,500 words to 30,000 words. I know that seems a lot, but when you’re in the flow of your story, it’s not too hard to write nearly 30,000 words without you even knowing it.

My short stories range from 5,000 to 10,000 words. I have written some shorter, some longer, but i like to give myself a 10,000 word target (then usually go over).

Novellas can be from 30,000 to 50,000 ish.

A whole novel can be anywhere from 50,000 to 300,000 words…

That being said, there is no rule really. Just write and see what happens!

I have written a post already about the first short story i self published, and what i have learnt.

Four Steps For Writing A Short Story

These four steps have been simplified for beginners, or for those who like to rush/get too excited about starting.

I give myself the time frame of a month to write the first draft of a short story, because i work full time.
If you have more time you may be able to do it quicker.

Choose when you want it to be finished, that way you will stay motivated, and feel accomplished when its done.

If you dont decide when you want your short story to be finished by, then you could go on forever and ever writing it, editing it, tweaking it.

Just plan it, write it, edit it, upload it (or hide it).

Step One – Brainstorm

I like this to be the first step because it gets a whole lot confusing when you decide to brainstorm after any other step. I also think it’s just common sense to get your ideas all out first.

If you have too many floating around in your head, jot them all down, choose the ones that match and would go in a short story nicely, and go back to the others for the next story.

Think about how you want the short story to be for the reader (emotional/funny/happy/sad/bad ending/good ending…)

Then think about the number of characters, for short stories, stick with a maximum of three characters, you can do more but sometimes it gets confusing.

Remember the think about the length of the story too.

Then write a little summary.

You can brainstorm all of your ideas to help;

  • You can do it the bubble method you probably learnt in school.
  • Or just scribble on the page.
  • You can write down the places you have been.
  • People who have noticed.
  • Endings you want.
  • Names of characters or places.
  • A scenario you have been in/or someone you know has been in.

I tend to sit for a moment, think, then write an idea down.

For example;

‘Main character lives on top of a hill surrounded by nature, she goes through the seasons expressing the different emotions for each one. Summer – Happy. Winter – Sad. 
She needs to character develop in the sense of expressing herself through better means, painting/dancing/writing… MC stars a class and finally meets friends, likewise to her, but push her to exit her lonely shell on top of the hill. In the end, she turns out to sell hundreds of paintings of the seasons/ writes poems/a novel/ choreographs a play…’

So that is a real quick summary of a tiny thought in my head. Now that it’s written down, the idea can be extended.

Basically, step one = Write down all the jumbled mini stories in your head, mix them up, ponder on them, tweak them.

Step Two – The Character


If you’re writing a short story, stick to only a couple of characters otherwise it can get confusing for yourself, and the reader. If there are lots of characters to ‘bond’ with and the story is only fifty pages long, its just not going to happen.

So choose a main character, the protagonist (good guy).
The protagonist doesn’t have the be a ‘human’ it can be anything. I just like to do this.
Your protagonist can be an animal, an alien, anything!

Likewise the antagonist (bad guy) can be anything too. It could even be the main character themselves, by this i mean inside their own mind. The MC can be holding themselves back, or letting themselves be dragged down. (Depending on what story you are writing.)
Other examples of antagonists could be; the weather, time, a place…


I create my character simply too.

I first like to think about what they are going to look like; hair colour, height, weight, clothing…
Then what type of person they are; shy, confident, anxious, over the top, overpowering, strong, timid…
Once i have sort of outlined those, i like to name them! The best bit, and the hardest. Its like naming a child. I search Pinterest, or use a random name generator until i have a name that fits the person i have created inside my head.

I ‘sometimes’ use sites like the one below to help with names…


Then i just write a little about them, like you wrote about yourself when you wrote ‘about me’ pages in school.

Step Three – The Setting


If you have travelled to lots of places,and seen many things, you can use this to help with your ideas and to get the inspo flowing.

First, think of where you want the character to live; in a house, caravan, flat, tent???

Then decide what location this will be in, for example; what i wrote previously was just a little house on the top of a hill. A totally made up destination. I have never seen or been to a house on a hill.

But this is a fictional short story, it’s all made up!

To help me keep on track with the theme and setting of the story, i like to create a mood board on my phone. Download an app like Over or Canva and just create a collage of images you find on Pinterest and Tumblr.

When setting the scene, there’s a few things to ponder on;
This is a short story, so keep it short and simple!

  • Where the character lives and its surroundings aka; does it have a shop nearby? A park? Or just any place your character might visit.
  • The weather during the time of the story, this helps to create what the outside will look like. Of course if it’s winter there might be snow, spring there might be flowers etc.

Step Four – The Outline 


This seems like a really broad subject, BUT ITS NOT.
Think about extending what you have written in step one, remember that super short summary?

I usually write around a page for this.
Like a super short and really rubbish version of the real thing you’re about to write.

Add in more detail about the characters personality now you have had time to think about it, write how they integrate in their setting and the location.

Writers around the world will disagree with this BUT, when planning and creating the outline, write a beginning, middle, and end…
(Of course, when you actually write stories it’s not as simple as that.)
This just allows you to see how the story will pan out, simply.

  • Beginning – Either start half way through what’s going to happen and go backwards, then end it again…
    If that makes sense… (Middle, beginning, end.)
    I usually either enter with the character in their own setting, i don’t describe them all in one go either.
    By the end of the first part the reader should have an understanding and be able to create an image in their head.
  • Middle – If you’re writing in order, then this is the part where its supposed to get juicy.
    The climax is about to happen…
    Set the character up for the ‘battle’ meaning whatever the antagonist is going to throw at them.
    By the end of the middle part, the character should be half way through overcoming it.
  • End – The character is showing their development here.
    Whatever it was they are overcoming or ‘battling’ is fading away, either completely, or just for now (to come back in another series of the books perhaps.)
    It’s hard to plan the ending because when you write, it kind of just happens…
    I like to have an idea of if the ending is going to be a happy or sad one, then roll with it.

All in all, i plan it to death and end up winging the whole thing.

That’s it, literally.

If you then want to go in and plan it more until you reach the nitty gritty details then i probably suggest doing that too.

You can always go back through step four and think about the chapters or parts, and what will happen at the start and end of each one.

Thank you for reading this post, if you would like to read my own little self publishing’s, i have two short stories available on Amazon, and one on the way! Don’t worry if you dont have kindle, it’s easy to download the app so you can read them on there.


Life Self Help / Advice

How to be Happy in Your Own Company


Some people know how to be happy in their own company. Others struggle. If you fit into one of the ‘others’ then join the club, and welcome to this page.

This post is a list of 11 things you can do to help yourself feel less lonely in your own company. Yes, this is a real thing.

So, if you are not an alone type of person, but need to learn/slowly transition into being one; here are some things you can do.

How to Enjoy Your Own Company

You might think some of these are cliché, but I’m just giving you a load of different options. Some things work for others, and some don’t. Self-help is tailored to what you want, and what helps your individual needs.

1) Love Yourself

This sounds so silly and simple. So many people do not love themselves, and that is where the mistake is. Once you love yourself, you will always come first. This is a long road, and it can be hard to change your mind set on yourself. Accept what you look like, accept who you are, what you like, what you dislike. You are you, and no one can change that.

2) Find a Hobby

Having a hobby is great for when you are alone and need to keep busy. I like to be creative, I write things all of the time, I write things down if I am angry or sad, or I write creatively, for your entertainment and mine! So, discover what you love doing and get into a routine of doing it.

3) Have Some YOU Time

Enjoy your own company by doing the things you would do with anyone else. Take a bath, light some candles. Go to the gym, swim, sweat! Think of things only you want to do, make it all nice and fancy, and do it. Spend a couple of hours pampering yourself.

4) Read

Of course I am going to write about reading on here… When you have hours to spend alone, pick up a good book, and read. Play some music in the background and lose yourself in a book.

5) Write

I like to use my journal to pass some time. Mostly I write about what I have done that day, and really try to avoid writing negative things.

If I do write something angry, I usually try to end it with something good that had happened that day, or I scribble it out!

Find how and what you like to write and do it.

Another thing you can do is write you goals at the start of the day, look back at the end of the day and write yourself a little positive review! Try to keep it positive, include affirmations.

6) Learn Something

When and if you have lots of spare time alone, why not learn how to do something new? Think about that hobby you have always wanted to pick up and never have.

You should always be expanding your knowledge, since there is so much to learn about. It’s also a great way to stay happy in your own company since you’re staying occupied and achieving something!

7) Yoga/Exercise

This is a total preference. I understand that yoga isn’t for everyone. So, you can always just go to the gym, or create your own workout at home.

If you’re feeling anxious, or you can start feeling yourself sinking, stop sitting on your bed overthinking. I like to watch yoga with Adriene on YouTube. Put on some music, set the ambiance, and relax. Yoga is a great way to take your mind off things and meditate.

Exercising in the gym or at least breaking a sweat somehow releases hormones in your body at literally make you feel happy. Sweat out that stress.

8) Tidy

I love to tidy up when I have spare time. It makes you feel so much better and ready to get on with what you want to do. I find it hard to sit and write if my room is a mess. If my room is a mess, my brain is a mess!

So, hang up the clothes off the floor, give it a hoover, make the bed, and you will feel so much better.

9) Cooking

Cook yourself a meal, instead of ordering one or microwaving one! It is fun to create yourself a yummy meal from scratch. Take your time, test the flavours, and remember to follow the instructions!

Once you are finished you will have a nice meal, prepared all by yourself, for you to enjoy!

10) Music

This one is simple, yet very effective (if you choose to listen to the right stuff). Put your headphones in, relax on the sofa or your bed, and listen to some music. Avoid the type of music that makes you want to cry or feel angry and sad. Play some upbeat music, something with nice lyrics and a happy tune.

Contradicting this, I like to listen to classical music when I am trying to chill out so, maybe try that too?

11) Practice your Hair/Make up skills

Not that I do this, I just know it takes a long time to practice these things. If you are into being creative with your appearance, spend some time practicing making it better. Once your done, document your work, share it if you want too, or keep it to yourself so you can track your progression.


Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope at least one of these things help you! If you have any other ways to keeping yourself happy in your own company, don’t hesitate to comment down below what it is that you do, and your blog link (so I can have a look).

If you would like to contact me further, please send me an email, or message me via social media.

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Twenty Three Things For Turning 23 – Lifestyle Post


Turning 23 – Its My Birthday!


Today is my twenty third birthday, and i can hardly believe it…

31st of March 2019 – I turn 23… Which feels so weird and old to me. I still feel 18 on the inside, and still have no idea what i am supposed to be doing with my life. The only thing i know is that i’m on the right path, i think.
I’ve never been so content and happy with my life than i am now. Good start.

I thought i’d just post a little bit of writing, twenty three things for turning 23… I love reading these posts that other people do, so heres mine.

Here are twenty three things i have learnt/accepted now that i am 23.


Twenty Three Things

  1. Time literally heals everything. Eventually whatever you are stressing about will be over, and it will be fine.
  2. Don’t rely on other people all the time. If you want to do something, do it, and don’t take other peoples words so literally. They’re just words.
  3. Be there for the people you love, no matter what.
  4. Paying it forward. By doing good things, good things will come to you.
  5. There’s no time for negativity. I can be a right grump sometimes, but there’s no need to sweat the small stuff.
  6. Let your anxieties happen, just learn how to push yourself, if you dont you will forever be stuck.
  7. Take leaps of faith.
  8. You dont have to do what everyone expects of you.
  9. Your life is your own.
  10. Don’t just accept the love you think you deserve. (Guess the film…)
  11. You can never be loved, or give love, enough.
  12. Treasure your grandparents.
  13. Make time for your family.
  14. See your friends, the ones who want to make an effort to see you too.
  15. Accept differences in relationships and go with it. Even the people you love will annoy you at times.
  16. Menstrual cups are the best thing ever designed and your period will thank you for it.
  17. If you want to talk about something, talk about it. No more bottling up.
  18. Do nice things for yourself, and with others. Memories mean more than physical things.
  19. Don’t hate yourself for not being productive, give yourself time.
  20. Eat more fruit and veggies!
  21. Water literally helps everything skin/hair/body health related.
  22. Don’t go to sleep on an argument.
  23. Put yourself in others shoes, and be empathetic.


End Note…

I could actually go on and on and on because i wasn’t even counting nor had i planned for this post. I am actually rushing it right now because im still feeling sorry for myself (hungover) and i want to go to bed and watch a film.

If you have created a post like mine, comment it down below! I would love to read what words of advice you have…

So i hope you have enjoyed the first little lifestyle post on this blog because i have enjoyed writing it. I really enjoy writing them and im sorry if you were just here for the book posts (I’ll still be doing them too!)

Ps, look at how cute my new Dr Martens are (Thank you too my amazing boyfriend Keenan)


Click to buy them here! (Not Affiliate)


See you soon.


Charlotte xxx

Previous Posts 

Getting Your/My Life Together.

How To Chill Out and Reboot Your Creativity // Advice

Self Publishing – My First Story ‘The Set Up’

self publishing my first short story on amazon
Life My Writing Writing

Self Publishing – My First Story ‘The Set Up’


self publishing my first short story on amazon

Writing Short Stories & Publishing Them

Hello, welcome back to my blog that is still very much alive, just. I have been wanting to post more often but finding the time to write and prioritise my time is not a strong point of mine. So here is a generic post of what i am currently doing right now, and it’s quite exciting (for me).

Recently, according to my last post on this blog – Getting Your/My Life Together.

I decided to get my life together, and start doing what i actually want to do, which is writing in case you didn’t know. Its taken me a while to decide on a focus, having so many different thoughts and ideas floating around my head and trying to tackle them all at the same time has eventually come to seem impossible, unless i can find more hours in the day and still be alive and awake to work a full time job looking after children.

So the new plan is to write a short story every month for six months (or more). The reasoning behind this is;

  1. I want to get back into the flow of writing everyday.
  2. Needing the feedback from actual readers not just my dad.
  3. Gaining the confidence to actually share my work.
  4. Getting better every single day, and each time i share a new story.
  5. Finally discovering what genre and style I write best in.
  6. Then focus on an actual Novel and it will be PERFECT. (Slightly ambitious.)

I am going to write this post in parts, sharing a new one each month after i have published each story. That way i can discuss the methods i have used, and evaluate how i think it went. I know this might seem in depth, but i haven’t written for a while and this blogging thing helps me keep in touch with other people who also want to write (and read) and keeps me motivated!

self publishing on amazon my first short story

My First Story THE SET UP

This is the first story i have properly published on Amazon Kindle, which is actually available to buy right now!

Click these links below to find the book and follow my Facebook page to keep updated.

Buy the Story on Amazon…

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This story is about two girls, one of which decides to set her friend up with someone she has fancied online for a very long time. It all seems to go well until the train journey home. Then she’s gone. Will Darcey be able to get back home? Who were these people?

Planning THE SET UP

Now thats out of the way, and you’ve hopefully followed my facebook (and read the story), here was the process for this book in short.

  1. Research writing prompt.
  2. Write freely a small paragraph of a story.
  3. Think ‘i want to take this further’
  4. Merely plan for a longer story.

Sounds ridiculous but that is literally what i did for this first story. I am slightly ashamed at my lack of thought put into it, and the very little amount of planning.

  1. Wrote in six parts how to story would go.
  2. Get to part six and realise its not finished.
  3. Half plan part seven and go with it.

Okay so in all seriousness, i did have a think about the characters and how they would develop throughout. I planned the conflict midway and how it would be overcome, and i decided on an ending to work towards. Other than that i just kept on writing. Even just a couple of hundred words a day, i wrote. To get it one. To accomplish it finally!

Once the whole 9,500 ish words of this story were written, i then went back over it around four times to edit it. The most boring part… Mostly because it was at this point where i realised this story should be longer, and i didnt like it all that much anymore. But i still went with it. For the experience.

Publishing THE SET UP

I used KDP on Amazon to publish this story, and will probably publish the rest of my stories this way until they are all finished. Then i am going to put them all into one paperback copy and self publish that on other platforms too.

KDP is quite straight forward. I dont think i have mastered it yet so im not about to give you a tutorial on how to use it. Although there is a literal video tutorial on the website and lots of forums to help you.

All you really need to do is fill in the blanks, upload your story in Kindle Create where you can read over it and get it ready to be published. I also made a cover myself using an app called ‘Over’ on my iphone. (I will in the future pay someone to make covers and edit for me, but whilst im penniless in this industry i will do it myself for now.

There was a bit of a nightmare uploading the cover image since the dimensions played up, but i found doing it 2,560 x 1,600 finally worked…

Once it was live on Amazon i shared the book on my social media platforms and i managed to get five people to buy it within two days. Not a massive feat but, its something!

the set up on amazon self published short story written by charlotte dawson

Reflection of THE SET UP

Overall, there is a few things i have changed about my writing process since finishing this story. The next story is already planned for, and im finding it so much easier.

The Set Up was written in first person so this time i am trying third. I find the flow easier at the moment but i’ll figure out what i like the best when im done.

Here are the things i would do differently.

  1. Planning – Next time plan in more depth. Get to know characters better, write down each part of the story, start to end. No surprises.
  2. Writing – Read over each part i write every day. Don’t just whack it out and wing it.
  3. Editing – Edit as i go along this time. Make sure the story makes sense throughout, save time at the end.

I did enjoy writing the story, it has helped me get back into the swing of things, BUT i know the next one will be better now that i have learnt a few new things.

My own little review of the story ;

I dont want to give away too much, but overall… It should have been more detailed and longer.

Insight on the next story…

  • You will have to read the next blog post to find out…

Follow me on instagram for updates!

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Thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoy reading my stories in the future and i would really appreciate any and all feedback!



I have written a review for the science fiction novel How To Stop Time by Matt Haig. This review contains what I liked and didnt like, it also contains an overview, but no spoilers so dont worry! I hope you enjoy my book review.
Books and Reviews

How To Stop Time by Matt Haig // Book Review


How To Stop Time by Matt Haig

I have written a review for the science fiction novel How To Stop Time by Matt Haig. This review contains what I liked and didnt like, it also contains an overview, but no spoilers so dont worry! I hope you enjoy my book review.

Buy How To Stop Time here!

5/5 Stars


How to Stop Time is about how Tom, the main character, is caught up in a society which makes him scared. It makes him believe that he is at risk if he doesn’t follow the rules, because bad things happen.

He has a condition which means he ages at a slower rate to the average human being, but only physically. His mental state is still intact, and seems to be younger than what he really is, only due to his appearance. He is of course, a very wise man, who knows a hell of a lot, he even met Shakespeare!

Not aging as fast as everyone else causes a lot of talk and trouble.Suspicions are dangerous for himself, people like him, and those he loves.
That is one of his main rules. Not to fall in love.
It would be too hard, and only causes tragedy to the people he does love. So he is told by the man who runs the organisation that looks after those with the same condition.

Tom has to change where he lives every eight years, meaning he never feels normal, he is just living.
But he is living for one reason.
To find his daughter, who seems to have the same aging condition, and she is also in hiding.

He struggles with headaches, knowing too much about the past, and trying to adapt to the present. He becomes a history teacher in a school in London, he has to make sure he doesnt give away who he is or arouse any suspicions.

I really don’t want to give away any spoilers here because this is honestly the best book i have read this year… I really want you to read it too! It’s basically just a great book about a super old man who relives history throughout the novel, tries to find his daughter, and so badly wants to feel normal and fall in love, again!

I have written a review for the science fiction novel How To Stop Time by Matt Haig. This review contains what I liked and didnt like, it also contains an overview, but no spoilers so dont worry! I hope you enjoy my book review.

What I liked

I loved reading about the history in this book. So much research must have gone into this novel, and its just so interesting.
It is really well structured, going back and forth from past to present so we get a greater understanding of the main character. This book has made me want to read more about history, and delve into reading more science fiction novels.

Overall, the thing I enjoyed the most was all the little stories about the main characters past life.
He has lived in so many different places from the 1500’s to now.

It’s just so interesting to read and I actually think I have learnt a lot whilst reading it (even if it is fiction).

I have written a review for the science fiction novel How To Stop Time by Matt Haig. This review contains what I liked and didnt like, it also contains an overview, but no spoilers so dont worry! I hope you enjoy my book review.

What I Didn’t Like

I didn’t like that this book ended???

Honestly, I dont actually have anything bad to say about it.

I enjoyed it so much, some people have commented on the structure of this novel, but I personally liked going back and forth throughout Tom’s life.

I have written a review for the science fiction novel How To Stop Time by Matt Haig. This review contains what I liked and didnt like, it also contains an overview, but no spoilers so dont worry! I hope you enjoy my book review.


Thank you for reading this book review of How To Stop Time.

Sorry if it doesn’t go into too much detail, I just dont want this one to contain too many spoilers!

Please comment below if you would like to talk about this book, I would be so so happy to see other peoples views! I want to know what you liked the best, and what you didn’t like!

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The Hate U Give book review by
Books and Reviews

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas // Book Review


The Hate U Give book review by The Hate U Give By Angie Thomas

Rating 4.5 / 5 stars

** Contains spoilers **


The Hate U Give is about a girl called Starr, who has seen two of her friends die. Murdered. By the police.
Once when she was ten years old and now, after meeting with an old friend and ‘crush’.
He is killed by a police officer for no reason. Khalil is innocent, and Starr watched him die.
She kept it to herself, she didn’t want people to know she was there, her family were not sure if they should tell either. Until the police officer is not sentenced. Nothing happens to him, and it isn’t fair. Starr finally realises that her voice is her biggest weapon and she needs to use it to get justice for not only khalil, but for everyone who has been wrongfully killed.

Throughout the whole of this novel, Starr also struggles with her sense of identity. She acts as two different people depending on where she is. In Garden Heights, her home, Starr is normal, comfortable. At Williamson, her predominantly white school, she uses different words, she doesn’t act in any particular way, she keeps her head down. Until they find out that it was her with ‘the drug dealer’ who was shot by the police.

Starr has to stand up for herself and drop the friendships that aren’t supporting her.

In the end, the family move to a different area, after the mother finally convinces the father its for the best. They will always be a part of Garden Heights, but now at least they will be safer. After all, most of the shops have been burnt down and the neighbourhood has been trashed during the riots.

What I Loved

I loved this whole entire book. I couldn’t put it down once I had started. The author has portrayed the life of Starr and her family so well.

I have learnt a lot from this book.
How the black lives matter movement really needs to start changing how people are treated, especially in america where police brutality is high. Also how awful it is that innocent human are killed due to their skin colour, how hard Starrs life is, and everyone who is in the same position as her, and no one is listening.

This book is hard, it’s raw, but its real. I think everyone should read this book. The most upsetting thing is, even though this is a fiction novel, there probably is a real life Starr out there somewhere.

I liked that we saw Starr’s two separate lives, the one at school and at home. How she began to slowly become more comfortable with her boyfriend, Chris. How she loves her community, would help anyone, even though she is going through the worst time in her life, again.
Starr is incredibly strong and I enjoyed reading how her character developed throughout the novel. From being quiet, scared, worried, to speaking, shouting, and using her voice to make change.

What I Didn’t Like

The only thing I didn’t like, was that I was constantly on edge! This isn’t really a bad point, I just felt bad for the characters, obviously.
But this is obviously how it would feel if you were Starr living in her world.


Everybody should read this book, I loved it.
I read it super quickly because so much was happening I just had to read the next part, then the next, then the next.
I felt like I had learned something when I finished it, which is always a good feeling!

You can buy the book here –

Thank you for reading this post!
If you have read The Hate U Give, and you have written a review,
comment a link below. I would love to have a read!

See you next time!

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Orbiting Jupiter by Gary D Schmidt, book review by charlotte dawson
Books and Reviews

Orbiting Jupiter by Gary D Schmidt // Book Review


Orbiting Jupiter Review

Orbiting Jupiter by Gary D Schmidt, book review by charlotte dawson

4/5 Stars

This was going to be a mini review on Orbiting Jupiter by Gary D Schmidt…
Until i realised i have a lot to talk about!
I have written a quick review on my goodreads account, you should follow me on there to get my book updates (i’ve been reading a lot lately…) My Goodreads Account

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Orbiting Jupiter is about a boy called Joseph, who has been through an extremely hard time, at such a young age. He almost killed a teacher, he was sent to a school for boys, and he has a daughter called Jupiter, who he has never seen, and never will see.

Joseph is sent to live with a foster family, they live on a farm and have a son named Jack. To begin with Joseph is very quiet and reserved, he doesn’t talk much, and barely smiles. Jack counts each time he smiles, i think he gets to around 7/8? (Including the ‘sort of’ smiles).

Eventually, after a little while, Joseph starts to settle in, with the help of Daisy the cow, who accepted him straight away, and cows always can tell if a person is good or not.

Joseph spills everything out one night to Jack and his parents, after ice skating on the pond. Jack says that the coldness froze them, but must have thawed out Joseph, because he keeps on talking and talking until his whole past is out their. They hug, and its very emotional.

Joseph wants to find his daughter, Jupiter. He looks in the sky to find the planet each night, until he cannot see it anymore because of the Moon. After having a hard time at his new school, his foster parents try to get him a visit to see Jupiter, for Christmas. This takes a long time, and eventually, Joseph runs away to find her himself.

After searching almost all night, Jack finds the foster mother for Jupiter in a library. She gets a call, and they drive to her house to find Joseph standing outside. He found her. Joseph didn’t go in. He waited. She didn’t let Joseph in to see the baby, but she gave him a picture and took him back to Jack’s mum and dad.

Get ready…

Jupiters new mum sends him letters each week, and sometimes photos too. Throughout the book, Josephs dad has wanted to take his son back, although he couldn’t take care of him, and he abused him. Joseph’s dad also wants to sell off Jupiter for the money and send her away for good. An argument pursues, leading to Joseph’s dad coming back to the house with a gun, demanding his son to leave with him. After threatening the rest of the family, Joseph doesnt want Jack or the man and woman who cared so much for him to get hurt. So he leaves with his dad. He drives fast. They crash their car, they both die. (CRYING)

The family hold a funeral for Joseph, and he is buried next to Jacks past family. The priest talks about how Joseph protected the people he loved. (CRYING)

At the end, Jacks mum and dad adopt Jupiter. (CRYING.)
Jupiter and ‘Jackie’ have an amazing relationship straight away, and he vows to never lose her.

What I liked

I liked that Orbiting Jupiter was super easy to read. The cover is absolutely gorgeous, and there’s something about small books that I am drawn to (probably because they dont take long to read…)

Some may say that the ending was highly predictable, i must admit that i was hoping for the family to eventually adopt Jupiter, but it was still a nice surprise. I’m not angry about it being a little bit foreseen.

I enjoyed the ending of the book more than the start. Even though its half happy, half sad, i thought it was very well written, and sent such a nice message across.

You should always accept people, especially children. If they have had a hard time, give them time, in the end you will see how great it can be. Unfortunately in this end, Joseph ended up, in a way saving their lives by leaving with his Dad, which in turn, ended his.

What I Didnt Like

The only thing I didn’t like about Orbiting Jupiter, was that the sentences were so simple and short. It needed more detail, i like more in depth (it doesn’t need anything more, that’s just what i prefer).

Basically, I wanted more to happen, other than a few fights and a near death experience in the river.

Thats all really, i just felt like it was a bit too plain? Does that make sense? I wanted some big words, more dialogue. Gary D Schmidt’s writing style is very different to what i usually read and I dont majorly dislike it.

Overall, the way Orbiting Jupiter is very nice, simple, and clever. I just wanted that little bit more! More drama, more detail on the characters maybe? I am fighting with myself because i also think it’s so beautiful that it isn’t so in depth, yet i carried on reading… Ah i dont know.


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Thank you for reading this review…
If you have read this book i would love to hear your views on it too.

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written by charlotte, the perks of being a wallflower, fave reads, books that made me a reader, book bloggers
Books and Reviews

The Books That Made Me A Reader // Favourite Reads


written by charlotte, the perks of being a wallflower, fave reads, books that made me a reader, book bloggers

Books That Made Me Love Reading 

(Contains mini spoilers, and affiliate links)

I started reading whilst i was still in school, however i have never read as much in a year as i have in this past month. (I might have) But i’ve read 8 books already and it’s only the end of january.

The first book i ever read, and enjoyed was The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Oh and by the way, i’m not counting the books I HAD to read in school *cough* Jayne Eyre *cough*, which i am so upset about because i want to like it but school made me feel so much boredom towards it, booo. (Please motivate me to read the Bronte books…)

Anyway, i decided to write a little post dedicated to my first loves, because it seems fun, and i cant bring myself to write another writing journey post just yet…

So here are the books that made me a reader.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

written by charlotte, the perks of being a wallflower, fave reads, books that made me a reader, book bloggers

I read this back in, erm, i want to say 2012?

I went on holiday with a friend, and decided to take a book for the journey, not anticipating that i would actually like it…
It’s only a small book, but i like that. I think i much prefer to read ‘shorter’ stories, because my attention span is not very long, and i like to keep on moving, and reading new things!
Anyway, i loved the main character, Charlie so much straight away, i just had to keep reading to find out what was going to happen to him.
Then the film came out and i still liked it, although, the book is WAY better. Obviously. 

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

books that made me a reader, fave reads, the fault in our stars, john green, written by charlotte, book bloggers

When i got back from that holiday, i bought The Fault In Our Stars straight away, and i was so excited!

This book made me cry, and cry, and cry a little bit more. But i’ve never forgotten about it, and i definitely want to re read it. Which is a good sign because I NEVER re read…
Then once again, the film came out, and i cried even more!

Two Brothers By Ben Elton 

books that made me a reader, written by charlotte, two brothers, Ben Elton, book bloggers

Now that i had started reading, my mum (who also reads a lot) gave me this book to read. Once again, i still have never forgotten about it. It’s the first real big book i ever read, and i have to admit, i think it took me about a month to get through.

The twist was so intense and so not expected, i actually had to put it down for a while to get over it. I’m not giving away any spoilers here, but this story is about two brothers in the war, one is german one is jewish… There was a girl they both vowed to look after, which they did, and well, i won’t say anymore! Just read it!

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

books that made me a reader, fave reads, written by charlotte, eleanor and park, rainbow rowell, book bloggers

I didn’t read for a little while then, because i was transitioning between going to sixth form and then college. And wow it was all very stressful and im so grateful it’s all over!

So once i was ready, i was recommended this book, i dont usually like to read romancy kind of books, but this YA novel was beautiful, and lovely, and again, the ending has never erased from my memory.
I loved both characters straight away, and i really wanted them to have a happy ending… OOPS sorry.
So i am going to re read this, and hopefully creating my own ending that i will publish somewhere on the internet!

The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins 

books that made me a reader, fave reads, books bloggers, written by charlotte, the girl on the train, paula hawkins

This was the first sort of ‘thriller’ book that i had read, and i instantly loved it. Although it’s quite intense, and some of the themes are very real.
I read this book very quickly, and didn’t really want it to end. I then bought a few other thrillers after this (i read one but im scared the others aren’t going to be as good…)

Likewise with most of the books i love, the ending was a massive shocker!
Hence why i haven’t forgotten about it.
Then film then came out.
But in no way was it better than the book, so much was missing, i actually walked out of the cinema telling my boyfriend everything that they had forgotten to put in and how disappointed i was!

We Were Liars by E.Lockhart

books that made me a reader, written by charlotte, book bloggers, fave reads, we were liars, e.lockhart

Yay another shorter book! I read this book during the summer. I did read other books between all of these listed in this post, but they haven’t made the cut… Sorry.

Anyway, this book caught me, i couldn’t put it down, and im glad i didnt.
Although i did need a break after this one too.

The ending is very, actually, the whole thing is very intense but i did NOT see the ending coming, and i love it when that happens.
This book really inspires me to write my own.

Good Me Bad Me by Ali Land

books that made me a reader, written by charlotte, fave reads, good me bad me, ali land

I read this book this in like 24 hours. I couldn’t put it down.
This was another thriller book that i read and actually liked/loved.

I found quite mild throughout. Until the end.
I’m so repetitive but i literally just love all these books because the endings catch me out!

The main character has to live with another family because her mother committed some awful crimes. The MC doesn’t want to turn out like her mum and tries her hardest to be normal, and live normally.
Thats all im going to say…

If there’s any more books like this please comment below and tell me because i want to read more!


Thank you for reading! Tell me what book/books made you love reading, in the comment section below!

Here are the books mentioned in this post if you fancy reading them too (and if i have not spoiled them for you).

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Turtles All The Way Down – John Green // Book Review


book review, turtles all the way down, john green, written by charlotte, polaroid

Turtles All The Way Down


Buy Turtles All The Way Down by John Green Here

4 out of 5 Stars – Would recommend, can be difficult to read sometimes. 


Turtles All The Way Down, is all about the main character Aza. A girl who has extreme intrusive thoughts and struggles with her life pretty much everyday due to constantly being distracted by thoughts about microbes, bacteria and all that stuff. Aza and her best friend Daisy come across an opportunity to gain a lot of money, by finding Davis’s billionaire Dad. This is also when Aza and Daisy meet Davis, a boy Aza new from ‘sad camp’ where children went when their parents died. Aza and Davis end up creating quite a lovely friendship/relationship, yet Aza cannot stop her thoughts from letting herself go, and really feeling comfortable with Davis. She cannot even kiss him for long before she worries about his bacteria colonising in her body and taking over.

So anyway, Aza and Daisy are still carrying on their search for Davis’s Dad, when eventually he decided to hand her the money. Davis doesn’t want his dad to be found, even though is brother, Noah is falling apart without him. Now Aza and Daisy have all of this money, Daisy isn’t bothered about carrying on their detective mission, however Aza is. Davis and Aza’s relationship starts to get a bit weird when Aza decides she can’t do it anymore, and Davis is worried that most of the people who befriend him, just want his money.

Aza’s thoughts continue to spiral throughout this novel, affecting her relationships, especially with Daisy who has now got a new boyfriend who she seems to be spending all of her time with. Daisy tells Aza how it is, and Aza realises she has been writing a fictional character based on Aza, and its not very nice…

After an explosive argument in the car, Aza crashes. Daisy is fine, but Aza needs medical attention, which is the worst scenario for her. Continuing to spiral, Aza drinks hand sanitizer in the hospital, this is when her therapist tells Aza she needs to start taking control, and that she isn’t going to die.

Once Aza had recovered, she and Daisy attend an underground art show, where Daisy’s boyfriend is doing very well with a piece featuring in it.
They start to smell something weird at the end of one of the tunnels, which turns out to be Davis’s Dad. Now that they have found him, his sons will lose everything, he left all of his money to, essentially, an experiment. At the end, we see Aza begin to sort of accept the way she is, and understand that she needs to enjoy her life, although she is now taking tablets for her anxiety and OCD. (Which she wasn’t taking before because she didn’t like the thought of the tablets making her someone she is not.) She is trying to live her life, saying yes, and enjoying each moment more, still falling into spirals, but not going all the way down.

What I Loved About Turtles All The Way Down

I liked this book because i wanted to keep reading about Aza. I wanted to know how she was, and how she would be at the end. Most books that contain the subjects of mental health, tend to end with the main character being completely different to who they were.
However it was refreshing to read, that Aza was still Aza, just with some medication, and a few better thoughts. I like that the story isn’t focused on the whole romance thing. I didn’t want it to be ‘Aza falls in love and now she’s better’.

Turtles all the way down, john green, novel, review, book blogger, written by charlotte

The Only  ‘Not Great Thing’

The only thing that i didn’t quite like, was Aza’s thoughts did make my own anxiety feel a little weird. I found myself worrying about bacteria, and forcing myself NOT to research was c.diff is. (Because im awful for googling health problems.)
But thats all, i can’t really think of anything else that i would label as bad. I love John Green books because they are easy to read. I know others thought this book wasn’t very good because of the style and structure, but i really enjoyed it. The only john green book i found hard to read was looking for alaska. I knew she was going to die, and i didn’t want to face it.

Why You Should Read It/Who Should

I think anyone and everyone should have a read at this book.
This book is good to read in order to understand the thought processes people like Aza go through. It helps you understand how horrible it can be. How hard it is to get out of falling further into your brain even when you want to stop.

Other Books By John Green I Have Read

  • The Fault In Our Stars – Who hasn’t read this book? If you haven’t then you really need to. The film made me cry like an absolute baby, but the book is much worse. (At making you feel uncontrollably emotional.)
  • Looking For Alaska – Another very sad book, but very good nonetheless.

book review, written by charlotte, turtles all the way down, john green, book bloggers

Goodreads –

My Turtles All The Way Down review

My account

John Green’s Account


Thank you for reading this review. I’m still quite new to all of this, and i am feeling a little bit sorry for myself ( I have a cold!) So, anyway, enjoy! Here are some other posts you should check out too…

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You can buy Turtles All The Way Down Here too ;



My review of Turtles All The Way Down is not sponsored. I myself chose to read this book. However, the links for the book are affiliate links.
All views are my own, and i did write this post whilst full of cold and slightly delirious…



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