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Creative Writing Prompts For Every Month

Finding an idea for your next piece of writing can be super hard.
Because I know how you feel, I have created a post with monthly ideas for you.
These are all creative writing prompts that I have thought of myself.

I do have another post on finding your idea if you would like to think of it all by yourself!

What is a prompt?

A prompt within writing is something that will bring on an idea.
Prompts will give you a little bit of information for which you should then create the cause of the prompt in your story, or create what will happen; before, within, or after the prompt given.

For example – The waves crashed against the boat, smashing it against the rocks.
You are then prompted to write what happens before, during, and after this scene.

Got it?

“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”

― Sylvia Plath

Types of Writing

Creative writing comes in lots of different forms, here I will cover some for you;

Types of Creative Writing; The prompts I will give you can be used for each of the following, but are best used for the ones in bold*.

  • Poetry*
  • Fiction*
  • Songs
  • Scripts*
  • Speeches
  • Essays

Once you have decided which creative writing outlet you are going to have, you can choose any of these creative writing prompts to help you with your next piece.


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Monthly Writing Prompts!

Here we, the following part of this post will give you a writing prompt from January – December.

Some of the prompts follow the themes that certain months carry, but mostly, they’re pretty random!
You don’t have to stick to the months if you don’t want too, you can take these prompts and do whatever you want with them! Preferably include them into a fantastic story though…


  • As jane put down the tree, she noticed something move inside it. So that’s who’s been eating the chocolates…
  • It wasn’t until I studied the necklace, I saw that he had left me a clue all along.
  • The fireworks masked the bang that came through my front door that night, no one believes me.


  • I just never ever thought about being in a relationship with my best friend but after last night…
  • Isn’t it romantic? The way he crashed into my car and stole my purse. Just what I wanted from my husband this valentines day.
  • And it was like that, simple, plain, easy. Well, I guess I’m in love with him.


  • I never noticed the mark on her leg, after all these years. Its the same as mine.
  • It just fell from the tree. Like I was meant to find it… It has these initials T.R engraved when I open it.
  • They just started to grow around her grave one day, these plants that formed letters; L E T M E O U T


  • “I have never admitted this before. But I am totally, and utterly, obsessed with you.” He said
    “Well, that’s totally inconvenient, isn’t it.” She said, shutting the door.
  • This time last year, I was sunbathing. Look at me now, I haven’t seen the sun for five months.
  • I can control it, with my mind, they don’t know it, but I’m controlling them.


  • Neither of them had been back to the diner, but here they were. Drinking the same milkshakes they were ten years ago, opposite each other.
  • “If you would just let me ex…”
    “Explain what! You sold it!” She said and stormed out the door with her suitcase.
  • “They’re both the same!”
    “Yes, that’s what twins are, Mrs Loc…” The doctor stopped, dropped his tea, and watched the boys scratch their knees and sit down at the same time. “Mum we’re hungry,” They both said in unison, reaching out their hands.


  • When I walked through that door, I wasn’t expecting to end up back here. Is this a sign? I guess I didn’t pass the test then…
  • I’m sure someone brought him to my life to turn it upside down, literally. How do I explain this?
  • I knocked on the door five times. I wasn’t expecting her to answer. I’m not disappointed either.


  • It was on that island, that their lives changed forever. The next generation of Kirks vanished.
  • The summer was supposed to have been the ‘best time of my life’ after what had happened. I knew I shouldn’t have followed her.
  • “Well, this is nice,” she said as they sat down for their picnic. “Do you know what’s nicer?” He said as he reached into his back pocket.


  • “I thought you were gone?” He asked Mr Dunn.
    “No, don’t be silly. I came back for you.” He said flatly as he pushed the door open.
  • “We need to go.” Her mum panicked…
    “You’re telling me, that the lab wants to have my eyes? How will I see through walls then?”
  • The letter was delivered to her work address, along with a bunch of flowers.
    “Wait, how does he know you work here?”


  • It wasn’t until he was standing right in front of me, that I realised. This is the happiest I have ever been, and ever will be.
  • She is the craziest girl I’ve ever met.
    “Hey, I can hear you…”
    “Stop reading my mind!”
  • I’m new here. they don’t know I am the living breathing human form of Karma, yet. But they will, especially if they take my lunch again.


  • “No, why would I want to go inside? She was weird, and died there!”
    “She wasn’t just weird, she’s a witch”
    “You mean she was a witch?” As the words left Carrie’s mouth, a figure appeared behind her.
  • “Don’t say that name!” He slammed the book closed.
    “Or what? They’ll invade our spirits as we sleep? Yeah right.”
  • He engraved it into the pumpkin, that thing he was dying to tell me.


  • It was so peaceful at the cabin, no one could hear us for miles, and we couldn’t hear anything.
    “Did you hear that scream?”
  • I had to make a decision, the bad one, or the good one… The one my parents would like, or the one who would take me away.
  • Every year on this date, I seal the package and send it off to the other side of the world. That’s where I think she is.


  • I thought I was spending this Christmas alone. Then he showed up.
  • “Open it!” The children squealed,
    “Wait, honey. Leave that one till last…”
  • I was given the gift of life this year. They finally took them away, I’d never see them again.

What to do now…
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