written by charlotte 2018 blog update/changes/patreon/lifestyle/bookish

‘End of Year Update 2018’ The Bookish Lifestyle Blog

My End of Year Update

written by charlotte 2018 blog update/changes/patreon/lifestyle/bookish

Okay so this year has probably been the weirdest one yet, but it’s finally going better than I ever thought it would.

A LOT has changed since I posted last, what was it? Feb/March? I’m so sorry I have abandoned this site since then, but I will be back now.

I will be posting again on this site but there is going to be a few changes.

Update On Me Me Me

In light of everything that has happened in my life since around the time I have stopped posting, I have had a long time to think about myself, what I am doing, and how I feel about myself.

To let you know (if you want to know), im feeling so much happier than I was before during early half of the year, a whole lot more confident with where everything is going. I know this is a ramble and I dont need to tell you any of this, so you can scroll down if you just want to see the new blog stuff!

I ended up having a lot of time on my own, not in a relationship, not having to worry about anything or anyone else, and not having my happiness taken away from me. Now it’s all back and it’s all good so, you know, moral of the story, your own happiness matters more than what you think it does, if you’re not happy, change something big.

Now I am very happy with every aspect of my life, feeling very content and very loved x

SO here we go, down to business with the blog stuff…

End of Year Update:
What’s New For Written By Charlotte

As you all probably know, at the moment this blog has mainly been book reviews, and a few little posts about the writing I was doing…

Well, since I haven’t actually read any books for a long time, there isn’t as many reviews (I am planning on writing more reviews in the future when I get back on track with reading). There will be a range of different posts once again. If you didn’t know, I used to run a blog called lottiethings.com which was my lifestyle blog which i enjoyed doing but i lost interest after a while.

So, as you can probably guess, im going to ‘sort of’ begin to combine the two. I’m not going to write things about health or fashion or anything like that, just more personal accounts and things like that, a bit more of an insight into my life and not just purely books I have read and what I am writing.

Here’s a list of the posts you could be expecting;

  • Monthly Updates about things other than what I have read.
  • Sharing my poetry.
  • Behind the scenes of my writing.
  • Personal accounts of what’s going on/personal advice.
  • Random life updates about things like decorating my room (been waiting for this since forever).
  • Books I am reading/want to read.


I also have some more exciting news for you, so exciting in fact that I shouldn’t even be sharing it with you yet because it is so not ready at all BUT I know you like to know what’s going on, and yeah, this is what’s going on. I am finally trying to do something about all the random things I write, and I am finally doing something to share my own knowledge and information I have acquired the past couple of years.

As you can see I have three tiers that you could sign up to! You dont have too, of course you can just follow me but most of my posts are locked for patrons only.

Tier One – Supporters

  • Receive notification updates when a new post is added.
  • Know that I will be eternally grateful for your support, and you will be helping me carry on creating content and doing what I love.
  • Have access to at least two of the following each month; Poetry, Writing tip, Chapter preview/snippets from upcoming short stories/future novels.

Tier Two – Readers

  • All of the above.
  • Exclusive weekly poems only posted on Patreon.
  • Access to a short story each month (may be an interactive series in the future once I have reached some goals). Stories range in genres and lengths.

Tier Three – Learners

  • All of the above.
  • Monthly post teaching you about creative writing; for example – How to create a character, different ways to plan, outlining the plot.
  • Motivational posts to encourage writing/writing prompts.
  • Behind the scenes access when I am writing; Poems/stories/novels.
  • Free book when I publish.
  • Discord rewards.


Thank you for reading this post! I hope you will be coming back and reading my updates because I will be posting! But if you want to see more posts on my writing/what I writing then please take a look at my patreon page!

Thanks Love you all


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