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Flash Fiction Challenge // Day One – Weird Alien Warfare


Flash Fiction Challenge
– Finding creativity, and inspiration!

Just a quick ‘what is this’; Im trying to find some inspiration, and im getting frustrated because all I want to do is write! So I’ve decided to take part in this flash fiction challenge. It goes on for 30 days, but I must say, I dont think I’ll do one everyday, I’ll take my time, and I mean, I have a few things to do! I’ll try my best though, it would be good to post a mini story each day, just so I can get some feedback, and so I can practice a little bit more before writing my novel properly.

Some of these challenges are within genres I’ve never written in before, so give me some credit, they might be absolute nonsense (100% will be)… But I think this is going to be fun!
If you have taken part in a challenge like this, comment your link below! I’d love to have a read at some of your weird flash fiction stories too.

Oh and another thing, I will be writing them as ‘flash fiction’, basically, what I am writing is like a first draft, I’m not going to spend a week perfecting it, I’ll probably read over it once or twice, but the story that comes out, is the one that will be published on here! So enjoy…

The Pearl Framed Mirror

Martha Mayfair had been given fifty pounds for her fifteenth birthday, from her Grandma.
“Spend it wisely, not on books or pens, buy something lovely dear” her Gran had told her as she opened the card for a five year old, with a one written in front of it.
“But, but i like pens?” Martha said as she pocketed the money with a sour look on her face, directing it at her mum for approval.
“Yeah, she’s right, have some fun with it” Martha’s mum nudged her side and gave her a wink.

On the way home from school the next day, Marther remembered the money she had now transfered into her purse, with the intentions of dropping it into the bank on the way home (what her dad told her to do). Instead, she was feeling adventurous, and still in a mood about not being allowed to buy anymore pens. So Martha entered the charity shop. This was not your normal old lady clothed shop, it was known to be quite odd, selling things like rotatable bed frames, to brushes that brushed your dog for you, somehow…

“Alright Marth? Ain’t seen your Old lady for a while, she alright? What did she think of that old hat she bought last week, the owner was a bit scared of it.” The shop owner was always very chatty, hence why Martha usually stood outside when her Gran went in.
“Er, im not sure Mr Guild, I’ll ask her for you…” Martha shuffled quickly through the shop to the back wall. This was the biggest charity shop she had ever been in, it seemed to continue backwards for at least another four rooms, but the street was only tiny, and she was sure her friend Gabe lived behind it, but where? There surely was no room for a house at the back of this shop.
Martha’s thoughts about her spacial awareness were distracted when she saw herself in the most wonderful, pearl framed mirror, with swirly metal looking details around the edges, and rusty worn corners, it was a long mirror, floor to ceiling height, and it made Martha look wonderful. Her musty brown hair shon as she slowly turned her head from side to side, her chunky little legs didn’t seem so bad after all, and her long gangly arms, well, they weren’t long and gangly.
“Excuse me Mr Guild, i know this shop has some, erm, extraordinary things, but what does this do?” Martha pointed to the mirror, taking another glimpse of herself, the self she was now fond of.
“Oh nothing Marth, ain’t figured it out, ‘pparently, it’s just a mirror, but those pearls, see those pearls round the edge there, pirates” He was starting to look very confusing, was he making it up?
“Pirates, pirates what?” Martha ran her fingers along the pearl edges of the mirror, “Pirates found the pearls, then made it into this mirror, for their lady, were found ages ago…” He dragged out the a in ages for so long, Martha snuck out a little yawn, “… ‘undreds of years, been ere a long time now Marth, you interested?” He propped himself upon the edge of the wall, elbow up, and his legs crossed, raising his eyebrows at Martha, she could see him in the mirror.
“How much?” She said as she took out her denim zip up purse.
“Ahhh seventy im afraid, got enough?” Mr Guild peeked over to look into her purse, Martha pulled it closer to her body.
“Oh, no, i got some money for my birthday, but erm, not that much…”
“Your birthday, well! I’ll give you a deal, sixty five” Pointing a finger, whilst giving a click, he winked at Martha again,
“What how is…” She squinted her eyes and pulled her face back, giving Mr Guild the dirtiest look of all, “going once, going twice…” She took a deep breath in, to ignore how annoying he was, “I only have fifty, and i want the mirror, can i have it for that. Please?” Mr Guild laughed out loud, too loud.
“Fifty, you must be joking! Yeah of course, take it, rustin’ away like an old car anyways” Martha stood in silence, waiting to see if he would change his mind a quickly as turning a page.
He didn’t, so she handed him the money, demanded a receipt and told him, “I’ll be back with my Dad later to collect it, that alright?”
“Yes Marth, Ill put in the back for ya” Mr Guild unhooked the mirror with a struggling grunt, as Martha skipped off home.

“I really dunno why you wanted this Marth, its bloody huge!” Her Dad kept saying whilst driving home. He propped the mirror up against her bedroom wall, then brushed off the non existent dust from his hands and knees. Martha gave him a smile, and shut her bedroom door behind him. Standing in front of the mirror again, she admired herself, wondering how this mirror didn’t alter her appearance, confused why the other girls told her she had such weird body parts, and dull boring hair. Martha was loving it, she was loving herself. Until she decided to get closer, to check out how her spots where looking underneath her full fringe, when an arm came shooting out from the center of the mirror, a pink one, she let out a scream but not in time, she was already standing in the middle of what seemed to be a rainforest…

The sky was pitch black, yet there were tiny little bird things flying around, except they weren’t birds, they had two heads, and a light was shining from their four feet which curled up beneath them. The trees weren’t like normal forest trees either, they felt like rubber, and were emitting the most wonderful smell of roses, Martha stood in a silent gaze for what seemed like five minutes, taking in what the hell had just happened, where she was, and what the heck the enormous pink naked womanly figure was, coming towards her.
“Oh, another one. Grab this!” She threw, well dropped down, a weapon that looked half like a gun, and half like a teapot, the end was a spout that curled round, with a trigger that was placed between Martha’s thumb, like a toy gun her little brother plays with at home. Martha shouted to the pink thing, but wasn’t heard, obviously.
“Another what? WHAT DO I DO?” Martha scrambled behind one of the rose scented trees, where she almost vomited from being so close to the ground. There were loads of tiny little, miniature pink lady things, growing under what looked like a layer of skin, and Martha was standing right on top of them.
“Shoot the big guys!” The figure looked back and shouted.
Martha had two questions in her head 1) Why could this thing talk to her/how was she understanding her 2) What big guys?
She could hear sizzling and screams coming from further away, and the pew pew noises from what must have been other guns, she stood carefully, in order not to squish the oddly cute baby ladies, and held onto the tree, which was another bad idea, because her hands stuck to it like toffee, the gun pressing into the palm of her hands.
“HELP! Im stuck!” Martha didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, how ridiculous was this? No one came to help, then she came to understand what these big guys were.
A mix between an ogre, and a beautiful manly statue you would see in a museum, it was orange all over, bald, like a huge baby, badly drawn by an eight year old. Yes, this all looked like a child’s drawing, a scene from a comic strip written in year five. Martha had no more time to contemplate what was going on, as the big orange guy grabbed her by her arms “Thank you” she said looking disgustingly at her hands, keeping a firm grip on the teapot weapon. The orange alien, (presumably a man from the big guys heads up) looked at her in confusion, a creature he had not seen before, whilst they both stared at each other, he then decided Martha was going to be his meal. His mouth opened wide and his hands tightened around her waist, in a quick moment, Martha remembered she had the gun, she placed it in front of his mouth, and shot it.
She was dropped a to the floor immediately, with a crash she landed on the baby ladies, she heard them let out a little scream as she got to her feet “oh im sorry!” Martha said as she looked up to see what she had shot, was a bag, which was stuck inside the orange things mouth, which seemed to be creating some kind of smoke. It was melting him, from the inside, out… It smelt so bad, Martha gagged as she stepped backwards away from the scene, all the other tall lady creatures had moved on, she couldn’t see them or hear them anymore, they must have accidently let this guy through. The orange thing was slowly turning into a blob, getting smaller and smaller, but still hobbling towards Martha, she turned to run away, straight back into her room.
“What the?” Martha looked around, she could see her bed, with the net curtain, her desk with open work books, and the mirror standing still by the wall. Her hands were clean, and she must have dropped the gun.
“Martha! What on earth are you doing!” Her Mum shouted from downstairs. Martha laughed to herself but didn’t reply loud enough for her Mum to hear.
“Back on earth, i think.”

The End


Well, that was fun! And I am very proud of myself for writing my first flash fiction piece,
and all of that in one sitting (without getting distracted)…
I don’t want to go on to much about it, because I do eventually want these stories to just been stand alone, but seems as its my first one, i’ll let myself off.
Im hoping to learn a lot from writing different stories in different genres,
and trying out other structures and themes. I would really appreciate any comments/advice!

I used a seven step story guide I found on pinterest, you can find it under my board ‘Writing a book’ย I also save other helpful pins for writing, and bookish ones too!

Thank you for reading, I hope it wasn’t too weird, or I hope it was weird in a good way…

I’ll be posting another one soon


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