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Getting Your/My Life Together.


(How i am getting my life together…)

Okay, so i know its February, and i should have probably thought about this already, BUT;

There’s no time like now, and better late than never to get your life together?

January was such a long month, nothing really happened. Long month but i cant really remember any of it. Which is NOT good.
I want to be productive, i want to do things, i want to look back at the end of the month/year and be like ‘ah yes, what an achievement’.

So that’s where i’m starting now, with February.

So i have decided to write an easy simple post, to share with you, on how i am going to sort my shit out. Just in case you want to do the same…
Of course, you might not be wanting to do the same things as me, but just take into account your own wants and needs.

This blog is primarily about books and writing, so of course my goals are involved under that umbrella… I want to read more books, and write my own.
I currently work in a job that i love, but i don’t want to be there forever, so now is the time to take these nails off that obstruct my fast typing skills and get to it.

Step One for getting your life together:
Create the right space

I’m not sure if that makes sense, so let me explain.

The first step is;
For me, i have to have a tidy room/house, in order to have a tidy mind, and with a tidy mind comes lots of great things – productivity, and happiness.

So before even thinking about getting down to business i like to create the space.
With this step comes procrastination, which i am the queen of, but don’t let it happen!
Lock the devil away right at the back of your mind, telling you to just chill out, treat yourself, watch a murder documentary on Netflix… All that stuff.
Say goodbye to that, and get stuck in.

Trust me, once you have achieved this step, you will be grateful. (Treat yourself to some chill time now and then though, you do deserve it.)

To clean my space I have actually gone very deep into it, and i now have a huge sense of accomplishment, and a very tidy de-cluttered room.
I have filled about five bags for charity, including things from clothing, to books, to pens!
I finally got rid of all the rubbish hidden in the cupboards and stuff i forgot i even had…

Now my room is very empty, very tidy, and i can see my desk again. Which is also very empty very tidy, and ready for work.

So think about what space you need, how you can achieve it, and approach sorting it out little by little.

Steps For Sorting Space

  1. Sort out everything you don’t want/taking up space that you need. Once you have don’t this decide if it needs to be chucked away or if it can be of use to anyone else. If so, send it to charity.
  2. Decide if you need all your furniture, see if you can minimise whats taking up your floor space… Most importantly finally get rid of that random drawer we all have that’s full of stuff we haven’t touched for years.
  3. Move things around, switch things up, get rid of more rubbish along the way. Hide things in cupboards to get rid of the clutter.
  4. Hoover up, polish surfaces, change the bed.
  5. Finally, add the finishing touches. I bought a load of fake plants and things to hang on the wall.

Step Two for getting your life together:
Decide Your Plan

By this i mean decide what it is that you want to start doing.
Make a productivity plan, but keep it short and sweet to start off with. Maybe decide on a goal you want to reach per month, then maybe twice a month.

I want to self publish a short story every month, and start uploading content to my Patreon Account.

Steps For Making A Plan

  1. Think. Decide what you want to get better at or what you want to be doing more of/seeing yourself in the future doing.
  2. Write down the months and decide what you could do each month. Make it achievable to start off with, then you can add more.
  3. Buy yourself a diary, or maybe start a bullet journal and plan day by day what steps you will take to reach your goals. Doing something each day is better than nothing. Also this step really does make you feel like you’re getting your life together.
  4. Start now! No more procrastination. If you want to write, start writing. even if you aren’t putting it anywhere, its helping you improve.

Step Three for getting your life together:
Do it

Its so easy to procrastinate from this point on. Your space is tidy, you’ve written down what you want to do, and your plan is there.
Feeling like you’ve accomplished so much already, you’re going to want to take a break.


Start first. Achieve something first, then start having breaks, then start rewarding yourself, because technically, you haven’t done anything yet.

Figure out what times and for how long, you’re going to get done what you want to do. Then start.

For example, if you work full time, decide when to dedicate an hour or two at the end of the day and make sure you do it. Maybe start with a shorter amount of time first, then extend it.

I will write for an hour after work everyday… Then two, maybe more on the weekends. Log how much you do, i like to do this so i can also have another physical representation of the work i’m doing.

Step Four, finally:
Don’t Get Stressed

So much easier said then done, i know. But by this i mean, don’t bog yourself down. Didn’t reach your goal for that month? Fine! Try again next month. As long as you know you will get it done, it doesn’t matter if it takes longer. Just don’t stop, don’t give up. Once you give up the cycle will have to start all over again.

Once you have sorted your space, and made your plan, all you need to do is go from there.

Reach your goals.

Treat yourself well. Take time to have fun, chill out.

I feel like this post has became a lot more inspirational than i thought it would, especially this step. I think just writing all this down for myself has helped me sort myself out already!

Here’s what I want to do;

  • Upload to my Instagram page more often (I posted this picture AGES ago and the caption is still relevant. That says a lot abut my character.)
  • Share my work on Patreon
  • Write a short story every month and self-publish (ebooks)
  • Gather my poems together, and write more, so i can publish a poetry book hopefully by the end of the year.
  • Non writing related – Yoga again (I used to be so flexible)

Thank you for reading my blog post!

Let me know what goals you have for yourself and how you are achieving them.
And if you have any other ways of getting your life together!

If you like the planner i have in my image, i’m sorry but i bought it from TKmaxx and cannot find it online BUT this is the company that made it;


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