This post is all about how to reboot your creativity. Its good to have an outlet to release all your built up emotions.
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How To Chill Out and Reboot Your Creativity // Advice

This post is all about how to reboot your creativity. Its good to have an outlet to release all your built up emotions.Reboot Your Creativity 

I know that this blog is primarily about books, and writing, and I dont often sway from those topics. But, I have recently really wanted to start posting some other things, like advice and updates etc. Still within the loop of books and writing, but just not always reviews, or my writing journey… Does that make sense? Here’s how i reboot my creativity juices!

On the whole lifestyle post thing, I am going to start posting on my blog again! I still get the same about of viewers on there, as I do on here, and i feel bad that im not updating that content! So if you want to see some lifestyle posts (to do with pretty much anything) then head over there!

The first advice kinda post im putting on here, is all about creativity.

I’m going to write about the little tips that help me when i am stuck, and why it’s good to always have some kind of creative outlet.

Little Tips for Creativity 

  • Chill Out

This is the first step.

If you’re trying and trying to think of something, you will burn out. Or worse, you’ll spend a long time doing something you end up hating, because its forced, and you rushed.

I like to do a number of things to chill out, and forget about everything for a while. Its good to clear your brain space, ready for the ideas to begin flowing!

You could do a number of things, take some time doing another hobby of yours, catch up with different work you need to get done. Sometimes, with me anyway, if i know i have other work i need to do, i cant focus on my writing because im worrying about other things!

To have some chill time, you could go for a run/walk/ or even a picnic.
Listen to music,
Read a book,
Watch your favourtie show on netflix,
Play some games!

  • Spark Creativity

By this i mean take part in the activities you enjoy, but not too seriously.

Now you’ve had a couple days off, its good to get back into it.

If you like writing, why not read a little? Or write some flash fiction, or create on the spot short stories ‘just for fun’. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Just stay in the loop of doing something creative.

  • Allow Thinking Time

If you think you have an idea, then spend a little time thinking!

Dont rush into the first thought that pops into your head just to get something done. (Trust me, i’ve done this.)

Go over different what-ifs, and feel really confident and motivated before you start your next project.

  • Brainstorm

Get out the notebooks! Start planning what you want to do, write a few sentences, get a feel for the picture you’re going to create, or the song you want to write.

Test out a few options!

You want to spend a little white planning what you have decided to do. Get all the ins and outs written down.

  • Start Doing Something!

Finally, just do it.

Otherwise you will spend months and months going back and forth.

As long as you’ve thought it through, planned, and you are loving it.

Then go for it!

Why It’s Good To Have an Outlet/ Creative or Not

Having something you can empty your mind into is so great. If you’re anything like me, and life just gets all a little bit too much sometimes and you have no idea how to handle it, or how to talk to someone. Then paint it out/write it/sing a song/dance/play an instrument.

And it doesn’t have to be creative. Overall it’s good to have that something else. It could be going to the gym, swimming, running, reading, watching a film. It’s good to have something you can leave the world for and just enjoy.

I tend to just sit, in silence, just waiting. Wasting time.

It can be really hard to drag yourself back up when you’re feeling low. But you always know that you have something you love doing, there for you, no matter what!

So, whatever mood you’re in, release it. Create with it!



Thank you for reading this post. I know its small! (And late)

I will be posting over on Lottiethings very soon too!

What is your outlet? COMMENT BELOW! xx

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