Journaling – My Six Month Reset: Week Four


Journaling… An amazing tool for life full stop. If you want to change your life, I highly HIGHLY recommended you give journaling a try.

Not only will journaling allow your mind to release anything unwanted. It will also eventually create a new and rewarding habit that will continue to change your life. You can adapt how you journal to what works for you. Journaling can be used for manifesting, for affirming, for planning… The possibilities are quite endless.

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You can also use journaling as a creative outlet. There are tons of people who create some really aesthetically pleasing bullet journals. However, I prefer to keep mine minimal and simplistic in order to not get bored of my own process. So, if you are a creative person, journaling will also reward you in that way too.

I have created a board on Pinterest for Journaling inspo!

Reasons WHY You Need to Journal

Writing down your thoughts, feelings, wants and needs makes it seem real. By physically writing down your manifestations, or your thoughts you want to get rid of. You are actively working towards something and you have physical evidence of that.

Journaling allows you to release. If you are feeling overwhelmed with something, write it all down until you have covered every aspect of what it is you are stressing about.

You can create a whole new life through journaling. Script your future through journaling. Use the law of assumption to create your reality by already living it!

Journaling of course creates another outlet for you. It’s another reason to not be on your phone or procrastinating in any kind of way. By journaling, you are being creative. You are practising your writing, your words, your mind.

HOW to Journal Effectively

How to journal is another matter. There is no set way to journal. You need to find out what works for you. You can find so many tutorials on youtube to create an aesthetically pleasing journal. Pinterest offers tons of prompts and so does my Instagram!

To keep it simple, start with a nice book, nice paper, and a good pen.

Think about the things you want to work on, or what you want to do. You may want an emotional outlet, so write down your thoughts every morning. You may want to use journaling to track your time or your things to do.

The best way to journal effectively is to be consistent with it. Make a habit of journaling and keep improving how you journal so it doesn’t get boring. Start by writing a few pages in the morning instead of sitting on your phone, or do the same at night.

Different Ways to Journal

Here are a few ways I would suggest you do when journaling, or starting out.

  • Morning pages – The first thing you do in the morning. Write page after page without putting too much thought into it.
  • Affirmations – Every morning and every night. Write down three affirmations and say them out loud.
  • Gratitude – Also include gratitude daily. Even if you write one single thing you are grateful for.
  • Manifestations – There are lots of ways you can write your manifestations. My favourtie is scripting: This is when you write in the present tense, for what you want to recieve in the near future.
  • To do lists – Simple and effective espeically if you need visual prompts to remeber your tasks.

Can you think of other ways you can journal? Comment below!

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