MINDSET – My Six Month Reset: Week Three


Week three is here! This week I want you to focus on your mindset…

Sounds scary, but such a vital part of changing your life in the next Six Months. So, let’s get started!

my six month reset - mindset


Why do you need to shift your mindset?

You may be thinking that you’re fine, you don’t need to change how you think… However, there is always room for improvement! ALWAYS. You may have limiting beliefs in an area you never even thought about before. You may not have the best mindset about yourself, your physical appearance, your abilities to do things and so on. So yes, the answer is, you will have a go at working on this topic! It will be great.

If your mind isn’t serving you, this is how you can tell:

  • You feel stuck
  • You find it hard to get out of bed in the mornings
  • Keeping up with routines and habits seems like a chore
  • Theres very little joy in your day
  • Stress is high

You get the idea.

What happens when your mind is serving you:

  • You feel free, and at peace
  • You LOVE to get out of bed for the new day ahead
  • Morning routines are great
  • You find joy in so many aspects of your life
  • Stress comes, but doesnt stay for long
  • Your manifestations come true
  • The universe knows you are ready to attract and recieve
  • You feel great about yourself
  • You GLOW

Now do you want to change your mindset? Excellent! Here is what you should do – Please view the slideshow below.

What You Need to Do…

You need to be SO AWARE of how you feel and think at all times. Yes, i cant deny that this is hard to begin with. You will feel conflicted, you may even feel sad sometimes. But this is growth. You have to go through all the feelings. It is part of the process. Once you are aware, and once your mindset is healthy and thriving and serving you. Then you can reward yourself with a peaceful, happy brain daily, forever.

Use a journal to document this, or create voice recordings on your phone.

Start today.

Once you become more aware of how you project your thoughts and feelings, you can understand what mindset you have. The main things I want you to be aware of are:

  • How do you talk about YOURSELF?
  • What your relationship with money is like.
  • How you talk about others.
  • What you do in stressful situations?
  • How do you change your mood?
  • Do you focus more on negatives or positives?

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Thank you for reading! Please let me know how your six month reset is going. My DMS are always open on Instagram so drop me a message there if you wish.

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