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Planning A Novel

Hello, welcome back! I’m doing it! I’m still writing about writing, which in turn, is making me actually write my book! But first things first – I need to do some planning (which I’m not the best at, I just want to write!)

So here we go, Part two of my writing journey is here.

As you may know, if you read part one – The Idea , you will know that I decided to write some short stories instead…
Well, yes I am still going to be doing that, but I think “think” I have miraculously came up with a bigger idea!!!
I’m not going to share it with you just yet, in case it changes… (Which it might.)

This is part two for my writing journey because I want to share with you how I plan.

There’s lots of different ways people plan to write their novels, some people might take months and months laying it all out (these people are probably A* authors and know this is the way to do it).
However, I haven’t got time to spend up until Christmas planning! I want to write it now!

In part one, I shared with you how I come up with ideas, they were pretty silly and probably didn’t help…

This is what I have been doing when I seriously do want to think of something worthwhile.

3 Things That Help My Brain Work

  1. I listen to music – Music can inspire you! The beat, the flow, it can help you think of what kind of characters you would like to include. If its music you love, you might even base your Main character off the musician.
  2. Reading books – This is an obvious one, although you are to never copy another author’s work, it helps you think of settings, characters, time frames… Things like that.
  3. Just getting a pen, and writing – I mean, this takes some time and can be frustrating. But getting a pen and some paper, and just jotting down any ideas can really help.

Step three is what I mostly do to figure out the outline of how I want my story to go
(I actually have two ideas!).

Also listening to music, I have recently been listening to Tash Sultana… You need to listen to her. Honestly the best music I think I have ever came across. I have even dug out my guitar that I never learned how to play, because now I want to learn. Slightly getting side tracked here, okay back to part two!


My Planning Process

I would rather open up a word document and start writing the story that’s floating around my head, than spending/wasting hours on end jotting it down, or thinking of something new. (Which is probably what you should do, but everyone does things differently!)

The way I see it is that if you just write it down, you’ll know if it’s going to work. If you had spent three days planning the start of your novel, then wrote it and it was rubbish, what a waste of time. Just write, then edit what you’ve got. Does that make sense?

Basically, my main ‘planning’ is just writing. Even if it’s just little bits, random scenes, I like to just get it out.

There are however, a few things I like to establish before I start murdering my fingers against the keyboard.

Planning I ‘Actually do’

  1. Outlining the characters –

    – I like to know what kind personality they have.
    – What like like/don’t like.
    – How the character talks/carries themselves.
    – What they look like.
    – How they will develop/how I want them to develop throughout. (OOH I just had an idea)

  2. Thinking about setting –

    I know I might end up adding different ‘areas’ within the story, but I like to have an outline, of at least where the main character lives.

  3. Time frame –

    This is honestly something I didn’t really think about, until I really thought about it…
    You need to know if the story is going to span between a few days/a week/months. This helps when creating a timeline of events.

  4. Who the Protagonists/Antagonists are –

    I find it easier to just start writing when I know who/what they ‘bad guys’ are, or who/what is going to cause conflicts, which might eventually either help the character, or hinder their development. Antagonists don’t always have to be a human, it could be the weather, their surroundings, or even an animal…

  5. Outline what conflicts might appear and when –

    Once you have created your time frame and outlined the timeline, I like to create a list of conflicts, and ruin my lovely nice story/and my Main characters life, with some bad stuff.

  6. Think about different end goals –

    I don’t usually think of an end goal for the character and stick to it. You never know what might happen during the story! If I feel myself going down a different path, I let it take its course. Hence why I think of a few different endings, so I’ll be happy with however it turns out.

I’m not sure if there is anything else! There might be more that are super important, but hey, i’m not an expert! Maybe after i’ve written by first book, I’ll give out some better advice…

I’m glad you are here to share this experience with me! At the moment I’m not quite sure what part three is going to include just yet, but I have started writing! I’m only a couple thousand words in so far, but I will keep you updated.

Thank you for reading!

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  • Reply
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight
    29/01/2018 at 8:18 PM

    I don’t think there really is a right way to do it, I think it’s just whatever works for you! So if just writing works for you, go for it 🙂 Personally I can’t do that. Sometimes I really want to just write, but without knowing all the details and things, I get stuck after every other sentence and it just doesn’t work. I need to know all the details and things! But then I get stuck on the details too and never end up writing, so I’m just generally hopeless when it comes to writing lol. But everyone is different, and it’s interesting to see your methods!

    • Reply
      Charlotte Dawson
      30/01/2018 at 9:48 PM

      Thank you for your comment!

      I think i am just hopeless sometimes too. I will be writing the next part very soon because i have also figured that this way isn’t working for me anymore. Whilst i was still studying i found i could just write an entire story from the top of my head, but i want this one to be better. So its back to square one and i’ve started planning it all over again, with all the little details!

      I change my mind a lot which you will probably see throughout this series, hence why its called my writing journey and not ‘how to write a book’ haha!


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