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Rupi Kaur Poetry Review – Milk and Honey // The Sun and Her Flowers


Rupi Kaur Poetry Review

I feel like I am so far behind with falling in love with Rupi Kaur’s poetry, but it’s never too late…

I bought Milk and Honey last year, and read the whole thing straight away.

Then as soon as The Sun and Her Flowers was released, I pre-ordered it, and excitedly awaiting its arrival.

I’ll do a little review of Milk and Honey first, then The Sun and Her Flowers!

Milk and Honey

This poetry book has, let’s say, four different ‘subjects of life’ that it covers.

I think this is so wonderful, it makes the poems have some structure throughout, and flow really easily, I found myself experiencing all four emotions as I went through them, and in the end, feeling one hundred percent revitalised.

Because if there’s a poem to be written about feelings, Rupi Kaur has written it.

The Back of The Book –

this is the journey of

surviving through poetry

this is the blood sweat tears

of twenty one years

this is my heart

in your hands

this is 

the hurting 

the loving 

the breaking 

the healing 

By Rupi Kaur


  • the hurting

This section is quite hard to read, I didn’t tape many poems here. (I put a piece of washi tape on the pages of the poems I like best.)
Not because I didn’t like them, or think they were good, but they are very deep, and some quite sad.

  • the loving 

There are so many beautiful poems here, nearly every page has little blue squares on. I liked these poems because they made me feel good, and some, emotional. I would read them and smile, and sometimes just nod in understanding. Not all of these poems are sunshine and rainbows, because loving someone, or being loved isn’t that way either.

  • the breaking 

This was hard, there is a lot of raw emotion seeping through these pages.
Although I felt empowered by a lot of these poems. In fact, my favourtie one is from this section of Milk and Honey. I read it all the time. It’s just so clever, I can imagine her reading it out loud to herself, or someone else. And me watching, – Thinking, you go girl.

  • the healing 

I dont want to sound obvious or anything. There’s a reason these poems are here. They really heal, these poems are so good at making you feel good about yourself, like you are worth something, and why you should love yourself more than anything else, because that’s what is important. Thank you.



My chosen favourite poem from milk and honey.

Overall this book is very women centered and its amazing. It’s more about the struggles some women have faced.
(If you haven’t listened to Rupi Kaur read her poetry out loud, then you need too!

Rupi Kaur – Reading Milk and Honey



The Sun and Her Flowers

I mean, of course this poetry book was going to be amazing as well. The way she has used a flowers life cycle in relation to her own is just so important to whoever reads this book. It gives you hope, that like a flower, you can grow again to be beautiful inside and out. Rupi Kaur focused a lot on her family whilst she wrote these poems, a lot of them are lessons from her mother, and experiences from her own life – in poetry form.

Lets just get straight into it. Once again, like Milk and Honey, there are five different sections/categories/chapters to this book.

You might be feeling a certain way one day, and want to find that perfect poem.
Open the contents, find how you’re feeling, and its there. Easy. Simple. Just plain clever.

I know novels have chapters and things, but you can’t just decide one day “you know what, I dont want to read chapter five, im going straight to twenty three”…
You get where im coming from? Pick up the poems, and read the one that speaks to you.

With poetry, you can read the book backwards if you really wanted too.
Maybe not with Rupi Kaur’s, you’ll be going from empowered, to “ah well, great”…

The Back of The Book

this is the recipe of life

she said my mother

as she held me in her arms as i wept

think of those flowers you plant

in the garden each year

they will teach you 

that people too

must wilt




in order to bloom

– Rupi Kaur


  • wilting

The falling apart after a relationship, or friendship. The realising you are alone, the over thinking about what could have been, and the anger at yourself for letting it all happen to you.

  • falling

The perfect fit to follow on from wilting.
There’s still a lot of emotion/sadness in these words, yet there’s a hint of regaining control of yourself.
It’s not all just about boyfriends or girlfriends, or falling in and out of love.
A lot of these poems are to do with how you feel towards yourself. How you let yourself quite literally, ‘Fall’. Blaming other people, wondering ‘why me’, but not doing anything about it.

  • rooting

These poems are mostly about what’s happening in the world. The roots that are beneath us all, and affect us all. Rupi Kaur mainly writes about her families culture (and of course many others too), she writes a lot about the world her family have came from, the struggles they faced, there’s a lot of poems towards her mother. She also includes a lot about refugees and immigrants who have had to face some awful situations. Overall this section is about understanding your roots, listening to others, and (onto the next section) rising from it all stronger.

  • rising

Rising. I love this part of the book a lot. It’s about overcoming your struggles, becoming stronger, a better person, and facing your past by presenting yourself with a new, refreshed future. Choosing better relationships, and getting rid of toxic ones.

  • blooming

The perfect ending to this book. Like I said before, you probably dont want to read this backwards. This chapter is very positive, motivating, and inspirational. I feel like it gives a lot of emotional and life advice, whether the poem is only four words long, or two pages. Each one sends a different message, to basically, make sure you live the life you want, and to not worry about what everyone else is doing. You just do you.



My favourite poem from the sun and her flowers. This poem makes a lot of sense to me, and I guess, a lot of others too.

Here’s a link to Rupi Kaur talking about the sun and her flowers.
Rupi Kaur – the sun and her flowers


So that’s it!

To conclude, Rupi Kaur is amazing, and her poetry sends so many of the right messages to those who read it.
Its empowering, it makes sense, and it all has deep meaning.

This is the first really big review I have ever done, so I hope it wasn’t all that bad!
I’ve never really reviewed poetry before, and I don’t have the biggest understanding in the world about it.
All I know is, that I loved these books, and I wanted to share that with you.
So if I haven’t included all the big technical words, thats why! I just wanted to share what I liked, and why.

Thank you for reading, please comment below your favourite Rupi Kaur poem!


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