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Self Publishing – My First Story ‘The Set Up’


self publishing my first short story on amazon

Writing Short Stories & Publishing Them

Hello, welcome back to my blog that is still very much alive, just. I have been wanting to post more often but finding the time to write and prioritise my time is not a strong point of mine. So here is a generic post of what i am currently doing right now, and it’s quite exciting (for me).

Recently, according to my last post on this blog – Getting Your/My Life Together.

I decided to get my life together, and start doing what i actually want to do, which is writing in case you didn’t know. Its taken me a while to decide on a focus, having so many different thoughts and ideas floating around my head and trying to tackle them all at the same time has eventually come to seem impossible, unless i can find more hours in the day and still be alive and awake to work a full time job looking after children.

So the new plan is to write a short story every month for six months (or more). The reasoning behind this is;

  1. I want to get back into the flow of writing everyday.
  2. Needing the feedback from actual readers not just my dad.
  3. Gaining the confidence to actually share my work.
  4. Getting better every single day, and each time i share a new story.
  5. Finally discovering what genre and style I write best in.
  6. Then focus on an actual Novel and it will be PERFECT. (Slightly ambitious.)

I am going to write this post in parts, sharing a new one each month after i have published each story. That way i can discuss the methods i have used, and evaluate how i think it went. I know this might seem in depth, but i haven’t written for a while and this blogging thing helps me keep in touch with other people who also want to write (and read) and keeps me motivated!

self publishing on amazon my first short story

My First Story THE SET UP

This is the first story i have properly published on Amazon Kindle, which is actually available to buy right now!

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This story is about two girls, one of which decides to set her friend up with someone she has fancied online for a very long time. It all seems to go well until the train journey home. Then she’s gone. Will Darcey be able to get back home? Who were these people?

Planning THE SET UP

Now thats out of the way, and you’ve hopefully followed my facebook (and read the story), here was the process for this book in short.

  1. Research writing prompt.
  2. Write freely a small paragraph of a story.
  3. Think ‘i want to take this further’
  4. Merely plan for a longer story.

Sounds ridiculous but that is literally what i did for this first story. I am slightly ashamed at my lack of thought put into it, and the very little amount of planning.

  1. Wrote in six parts how to story would go.
  2. Get to part six and realise its not finished.
  3. Half plan part seven and go with it.

Okay so in all seriousness, i did have a think about the characters and how they would develop throughout. I planned the conflict midway and how it would be overcome, and i decided on an ending to work towards. Other than that i just kept on writing. Even just a couple of hundred words a day, i wrote. To get it one. To accomplish it finally!

Once the whole 9,500 ish words of this story were written, i then went back over it around four times to edit it. The most boring part… Mostly because it was at this point where i realised this story should be longer, and i didnt like it all that much anymore. But i still went with it. For the experience.

Publishing THE SET UP

I used KDP on Amazon to publish this story, and will probably publish the rest of my stories this way until they are all finished. Then i am going to put them all into one paperback copy and self publish that on other platforms too.

KDP is quite straight forward. I dont think i have mastered it yet so im not about to give you a tutorial on how to use it. Although there is a literal video tutorial on the website and lots of forums to help you.

All you really need to do is fill in the blanks, upload your story in Kindle Create where you can read over it and get it ready to be published. I also made a cover myself using an app called ‘Over’ on my iphone. (I will in the future pay someone to make covers and edit for me, but whilst im penniless in this industry i will do it myself for now.

There was a bit of a nightmare uploading the cover image since the dimensions played up, but i found doing it 2,560 x 1,600 finally worked…

Once it was live on Amazon i shared the book on my social media platforms and i managed to get five people to buy it within two days. Not a massive feat but, its something!

the set up on amazon self published short story written by charlotte dawson

Reflection of THE SET UP

Overall, there is a few things i have changed about my writing process since finishing this story. The next story is already planned for, and im finding it so much easier.

The Set Up was written in first person so this time i am trying third. I find the flow easier at the moment but i’ll figure out what i like the best when im done.

Here are the things i would do differently.

  1. Planning – Next time plan in more depth. Get to know characters better, write down each part of the story, start to end. No surprises.
  2. Writing – Read over each part i write every day. Don’t just whack it out and wing it.
  3. Editing – Edit as i go along this time. Make sure the story makes sense throughout, save time at the end.

I did enjoy writing the story, it has helped me get back into the swing of things, BUT i know the next one will be better now that i have learnt a few new things.

My own little review of the story ;

I dont want to give away too much, but overall… It should have been more detailed and longer.

Insight on the next story…

  • You will have to read the next blog post to find out…

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Thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoy reading my stories in the future and i would really appreciate any and all feedback!




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