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If you are already following this six month reset journey. You will know I have been sharing content a week at a time. However, following my own gut, and reducing the risk of creating my own burnout. I will now just be blogging a roundup for each month.

There will still be tasks to do for each week. This will just be less intense, and more malleable for your own experience. This is all about learning and growth, right?

This is the first time i have ever created anything like this, and creating reels, Instagram posts, tiktoks and a blog post just seems a little too much.

So anyway lets get into it.

The following six blog posts will be set out with four weeks within them. You can then follow me on Instagram to see more detail for each of the weeks!

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Six Month Reset: WEEK ONE – 8 Pillars of Wellness

For week one you will be focusing on the 8 Pillars of wellness. This means you will need to be asking yourself questions that you may never have thought about to get to know yourself better.

What are the 8 Pillars of Wellness?

  • Occupational: What is your main source of income and how do you feel about it? Do you love or hate your job? If you love your job then thats great! If you dont, what do you think you could do about it?
  • Spiritual: What gives you a sense of purpose? Do you follow a religion? How does this make you feel? What spiritual belief would you like to follow?
  • Social: How often do you socialise with your friends? Do you avoid social occasions? How do you feel when you are on your own compared to with others?
  • Intellectual: In what ways could you create another stream of income? Do you have a creative outlet? Is there something you would like to learn?
  • Financial: What is your financial status? Do you keep track of your spending? What are your income goals? How can you become financially better?
  • Emotional: How often do you choose to do something that makes you truly happy? How well do you manage your feelings? What do you choose to do when you’re having a down day?
  • Physical: What areas of your physical health do you want to improve? Do you have any goals? How often do you move your body? How do you feel once you have exercised?
  • Environmental: How does your own environment support you? How can you change your space to work better for you? How can you do your part to help the world?

Six Month Reset: WEEK TWO – Habits and Routines

Week Two of the Six Month Reset is about improving our habits and routines by 1%. To do this we also have to be more mindful of our daily processes.

Here are some things you can do this week:

  • Write down the routines and habits you already think you have. Be mindful and in the moment to ensure you include it all.
  • Once you have done this, think about any habits you can stack on top of existing habits. Ones you wish to start in order to create a new routine.
  • Also think about your routines and how they serve you. Is there something you could add or remove to make the most of your time?
  • With the habits you already have, how can you increase the productivity of them by 1%. This could be by taking them a step further, carrying them out for longer?
  • Try not to go more than two days without following your new habit or routine. Its tought to begin with but will be so worth it.
six month reset month one

Six Month Reset: WEEK THREE – Mindset Shifting

Week Three of The Six Month Reset is all about shifting your mindset in order to improve to the next level. There is always room for improvement. So, even if you think you’ve got this down and your all good. Have a think about how you really think… This week might hurt your brain!

  • Become self aware of your thoughts and feelings. Be aware of what makes you feel certain ways and how you react to it.
  • Your thoughts and how you feel manifest into your real life, so take a few moments to allow yourself to feel what you feel, and write it down.

Think about the following:

  • Turning negatives into positives: Sure, there are tons of times where it feels like youve had a super bad day, and that is fine. All you shpuld so is try to find at least three good things that did happen. Finding the positive outweights the negatives.
  • Your relationship with money: If you are someone who tells themsleves they have no money, they cant afford this or that… Then you have a negative relationship with money. Change how you think and talk about your own finances and you will begin to see a difference!
  • Thoughts about yourself: Did you know, the more you look in the mirror and pick out your flaws, the more you are going to notice them. Start to see the beauty and tell yourself what they are!
  • How you talk about or to others: If you are someone who talks badly about others then it is only a refelction upon yourself. It leads you along the path of bad vibrations and a negative mindset.
  • Do you choose happiness?: Are you someone who immediately expects their day to go badly? If so, try to wake up and think something happy, say your affirmations and choose happiness.
  • Are you able to switch your mood?: Granted, some days we just feel rubbish. But think about it. Do you allow yourseld to feel this way all day? Or are you able to turn it around?

Six Month Reset: WEEK FOUR – Journaling

Week Four of the Six Month Reset is all about journaling. So probably one of the best ones so far since journaling is a huge tool for creating the life you want.

This week you will need the following: A journal, a pen, and an open mindset.

To begin your journaling process, all you need to do is start.

So, the best way to get into the habit of journaling is to write morning pages. Every morning whilst you have your coffee or tea, DON’T sit on your phone. Instead, grab your journal and just write things down.

You can do the following:

  • Morning pages: Each morning allow your mind to float onto the paper. Dont think too much about this process. Just allow your thoughts to spill out and relieve whatever has been on your mind.
  • Brain Dumps: Sometimes you can have an overload of info, or a lot has been going on in your life. Write it all down and try to ask yourself questions to make more sense of the situation.
  • Manifesting: Manifesting in your journal is a great way to think about what you want and making it come to life. Scripting is a great way to manifest your future!
  • Affirmations: Every morning and every night, write down some affirmations. These help set the tone for the day, and help you feel more relaxed when you sleep at night. Using affirmations also raises your vibrations so go ahead!
  • Gratitude: Find the things you are grateful for each day and write them down. The more you do this the more things you will find to be grateful for.
  • Future plans: Another brain dump kind of thing. If you are over thinking about the future, write it down, close the book and move on. You cannot live in the future, only in the now.
  • Information to remember: Key info you need to remeber? Write it down!
  • ANYTHING you want to write down, or draw?: Literally, anything.

THANK YOU so much for reading and I wish you all the luck in the world upon your six month reset journey. I would love for you to follow me over on Instagram so we can talk about it, and so you can receive updates.!

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