My Six Month Reset – Week One: 8 Pillars of Wellness


Hello! So, I decided to write a weekly post about the Six Month Reset. This is so I can make things clear, and clarify a few questions. If you are reading this then hopefully you have decided to take part in this challenge. Make sure you use the hashtag #MySixMonthReset when sharing this on Instagram because I would LOVE to see what you are doing!

Let’s begin…

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My Six Month Reset – The 8 Pillars of Wellness

The 8 Pillars of wellness is something you can follow to achieve pure greatness in each area of your life. In order to change your life, you have to look at all 8 of the areas. Throughout your Six month Reset you will have to ask yourself questions you have never asked before and learn things about yourself you didn’t even know.

The main intention for going over the 8 Pillars of wellness is so that you can gain a clearer image in your head of the things you want to change/start or enhance over the next six months. Now you can understand why this takes six months, because nothing worthwhile comes quickly, and will not last. By the time six months comes up, and you have worked hard on all areas of wellness, your life will be so much better.

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Number One – Occupational

This dimension of wellness signifies what your occupation is. Your main source of income and the thing that allows you to buy food, water and a roof over your head. Now, have a moment to think about your occupation. Do you love your job? A definition of loving your job is wanting to get up each morning to go there. If you don’t feel this way, what could you do about it? You could either begin to change your mindset about your occupation. Or begin the steps to getting a new job altogether.

Number Two – Spiritual

This doesn’t mean you need to start a new religion. Your spiritual wellness can mean whatever it is your soul believes in. This can be any religion, or it can just be your own spiritual being. You may just trust in the universe, believe in a higher source. Ways to practice your spiritual wellness can be to; prayer, meditate, visualise, say affirmations…

Number Three – Social

Your social aspect of wellness is an important one, but it’s also one many people think they need to miss out on just because they’re on their own spiritual journey. No, you need to keep your social life. However, you need to make changes in this area too. Hang out with the people who make you feel good. Do things you want to do. Find things that make you happy. Being alone all of the time can be damaging! You need to see friends and family to release. Decide to socialise a few times a month.

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Number Four – Intellectual

This section focuses on what you are good at outside of your occupation. This is the area you could be creating another stream of income from using the qualities you have. Ask yourself if there is anything you would like to learn. Or if there is something you already do. For example, writing a blog, or being active on social media. How can you monetise this?

Number Five – Financial

The financial side to your wellness is an important one to master. Not because money buys happiness or anything like that. But because you need to have a good relationship with your finances, with your money, and your savings. So, make a habit of saving a bit more each month. And ask yourself a few questions on how you can develop a better, more positive relationship with money. For example, how do you talk about your finances? If you are someone who is constantly saying “I don’t have any money”… Well, I hate to say it, but that’s exactly your reality. Change the way you talk about money and see what happens.

I have some posts about saving money here:

Number Six – Emotional

Here we focus on our emotions, how we feel about ourselves as a whole, and how different things can affect us. How well do you know yourself? How often do you do something that makes you happy? Think about how you can improve your mental wellbeing and go for it. Spend more time mediating. Appreciate the smaller moments. More importantly, remember to just breathe through it! Learn what makes you feel good, or bad.

Number Seven – Physical

Don’t worry. I am not telling you to start running ten miles a day (I am certainly not). However, improving your physical health by just one per cent every single day will change your life, your body, your mind… Walk a little bit extra, or more often. Begin a new exercise class, practice a more intense yoga routine, lift heavier weights. Push yourself GENTLY. Movement is wonderful. No one ever regrets a workout!

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Number Eight – Environmental

Finally, we have environmental. This section not only touches on how we treat the planet we share as humans but how we treat our own personal space. For example, your home, your room, your garden etc. Do you like the layout of your home? Do things in your space make you feel good? If not, donate them, or move them around! Think about how your environment supports you every single day. Make it make sense. Keep it tidy, keep it clean. A tidy space is a tidy mind!

If you want to learn some more about the 8 pillars of wellness, here’s a great site
Auraglow – how to use the 8 pillars of wellness

FEW… that was a lot. Now you have the 8 pillars of wellness underlined, you are so ready for your Six Month Reset!

The next step is to create a more functional morning routine… Post coming soon!

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