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Turtles All The Way Down – John Green // Book Review


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Turtles All The Way Down


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4 out of 5 Stars – Would recommend, can be difficult to read sometimes.ย 


Turtles All The Way Down, is all about the main character Aza. A girl who has extreme intrusive thoughts and struggles with her life pretty much everyday due to constantly being distracted by thoughts about microbes, bacteria and all that stuff. Aza and her best friend Daisy come across an opportunity to gain a lot of money, by finding Davis’s billionaire Dad. This is also when Aza and Daisy meet Davis, a boy Aza new from ‘sad camp’ where children went when their parents died. Aza and Davis end up creating quite a lovely friendship/relationship, yet Aza cannot stop her thoughts from letting herself go, and really feeling comfortable with Davis. She cannot even kiss him for long before she worries about his bacteria colonising in her body and taking over.

So anyway, Aza and Daisy are still carrying on their search for Davis’s Dad, when eventually he decided to hand her the money. Davis doesn’t want his dad to be found, even though is brother, Noah is falling apart without him. Now Aza and Daisy have all of this money, Daisy isn’t bothered about carrying on their detective mission, however Aza is. Davis and Aza’s relationship starts to get a bit weird when Aza decides she can’t do it anymore, and Davis is worried that most of the people who befriend him, just want his money.

Aza’s thoughts continue to spiral throughout this novel, affecting her relationships, especially with Daisy who has now got a new boyfriend who she seems to be spending all of her time with. Daisy tells Aza how it is, and Aza realises she has been writing a fictional character based on Aza, and its not very nice…

After an explosive argument in the car, Aza crashes. Daisy is fine, but Aza needs medical attention, which is the worst scenario for her. Continuing to spiral, Aza drinks hand sanitizer in the hospital, this is when her therapist tells Aza she needs to start taking control, and that she isn’t going to die.

Once Aza had recovered, she and Daisy attend an underground art show, where Daisy’s boyfriend is doing very well with a piece featuring in it.
They start to smell something weird at the end of one of the tunnels, which turns out to be Davis’s Dad. Now that they have found him, his sons will lose everything, he left all of his money to, essentially, an experiment. At the end, we see Aza begin to sort of accept the way she is, and understand that she needs to enjoy her life, although she is now taking tablets for her anxiety and OCD. (Which she wasn’t taking before because she didn’t like the thought of the tablets making her someone she is not.) She is trying to live her life, saying yes, and enjoying each moment more, still falling into spirals, but not going all the way down.

What I Loved About Turtles All The Way Down

I liked this book because i wanted to keep reading about Aza. I wanted to know how she was, and how she would be at the end. Most books that contain the subjects of mental health, tend to end with the main character being completely different to who they were.
However it was refreshing to read, that Aza was still Aza, just with some medication, and a few better thoughts. I like that the story isn’t focused on the whole romance thing. I didn’t want it to be ‘Aza falls in love and now she’s better’.

Turtles all the way down, john green, novel, review, book blogger, written by charlotte

The Onlyย  ‘Not Great Thing’

The only thing that i didn’t quite like, was Aza’s thoughts did make my own anxiety feel a little weird. I found myself worrying about bacteria, and forcing myself NOT to research was c.diff is. (Because im awful for googling health problems.)
But thats all, i can’t really think of anything else that i would label as bad. I love John Green books because they are easy to read. I know others thought this book wasn’t very good because of the style and structure, but i really enjoyed it. The only john green book i found hard to read was looking for alaska. I knew she was going to die, and i didn’t want to face it.

Why You Should Read It/Who Should

I think anyone and everyone should have a read at this book.
This book is good to read in order to understand the thought processes people like Aza go through. It helps you understand how horrible it can be. How hard it is to get out of falling further into your brain even when you want to stop.

Other Books By John Green I Have Read

  • The Fault In Our Stars – Who hasn’t read this book? If you haven’t then you really need to. The film made me cry like an absolute baby, but the book is much worse. (At making you feel uncontrollably emotional.)
  • Looking For Alaska – Another very sad book, but very good nonetheless.

book review, written by charlotte, turtles all the way down, john green, book bloggers

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Thank you for reading this review. I’m still quite new to all of this, and i am feeling a little bit sorry for myself ( I have a cold!) So, anyway, enjoy! Here are some other posts you should check out too…

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My review of Turtles All The Way Down is not sponsored. I myself chose to read this book. However, the links for the book are affiliate links.
All views are my own, and i did write this post whilst full of cold and slightly delirious…




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    29/01/2018 at 7:47 AM

    I love John Green so this book was a winner before it even came out, but it is interesting reading different people’s views on it. I love it when mental health is dealt with in a realistic way, the only drawback is the risk of triggering the reader’s own difficulties, as you said above. I hope you carry on enjoying his books ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Reply
      Charlotte Dawson
      29/01/2018 at 12:56 PM

      thank you for your comment! Ive just checked out your blog too i love it!
      And yes, john greens books are always good in my eyes, there are some i still need to read though…


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    03/02/2018 at 4:56 PM

    I really want to read this book!! Lots of people say it can make you anxious, but it sounds so good. Great review! โค

    • Reply
      Charlotte Dawson
      03/02/2018 at 5:06 PM

      Thanks for the comment!

      It did make me feel a little bit anxious, but i also thought it was amazing and i would recommend you read it!


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