My Six Month Reset: Week Two – One Percent Rule


Week Two! Now, if you haven’t finished week one, that’s fine. I want to remind you that you can go at whatever pace suits you. Here is a recap of week one if you need it – My Six Month Reset – Week One: 8 Pillars of Wellness

This week we are focusing on improving our current habits by one per cent, adding habits into our routines, and pushing ourselves that little bit further with each small task. To help us along the way, I suggest you also practice some mindfulness. By this, I mean being more self-aware with each and every moment. You can also start journaling to track your progress, write down your gratitude, and express some affirmations.

Why practice mindfulness?
Because the more we work our brain to become more present at the moment, and express more gratitude, the more we will receive the things we want, and have fun whilst on this six month reset!

Notebook with crystals

My Six Month Reset – Increase by One Percent!

So, let’s start this slowly before it gets confusing. My advice would be for you to grab a notebook or something to write things down, and we can go from there.

(REMINDER – This is as much my Six Month Reset as it is yours! I love that we are doing this and learning together.)

Right, to improve things by one per cent we must first identify what it is we can improve. Whether we think it or not, we live our lives mostly the same way each day. It usually goes something like this, typically…

Wake – Morning Routine – Work – Evening Routine – Nighttime Routine – Bed.

It’s within these times we all do our own “thing”. It’s those things we need to expand and improve in order to make a change. If you work from home, run your own business or side hustle, then you can apply this rule there too!

Now comes the work.

Write down the things you KNOW you do during these times. Then, I want you to be mentally aware of your actions when you next go through the morning, work, the afternoon etc. When you are more aware of the little habits you do, write them down too.

Once you have outlined your typical day (this can be a long list if it needs to be, in fact, it should be! We do lots of things all day every day even if we think we don’t.)

The next step is to think about how you can improve each of your daily tasks or habits, by even the tiniest of fractions, one per cent if you will. You can do this by ADDING something else to your routine. Or extending your current habit by increasing the quality of it.

A few examples of adding to the habit are are
(Also known as habit stacking):

  • “Set out mug before bed ready for morning coffee.”
  • “Place running shoes and clothes by the door.”
  • “Dry and put dishes away after washing them.”
  • “Before I sit and look at my phone I will tidy up.”
  • “Before I eat breakfast I will go for a walk.”
  • “I will put my current book in the living room to read instead of watching tv.”

Of course, the things you want to change can look different to this!

A few examples of increasing the quality of your habits are:

  • “I will run for five minutes longer once I reach x distance” – then, keep increasing it!
  • “Instead of reading ten pages, I will read twenty.”
  • “When writing, I will get rid of ANY distractions, increasing my productivity.”
  • “I will add more vegetables to my dinner, I will buy them when I shop.”
  • “I will read emails at this time because I know I wont do it later.”
week two six month reset

Six Month Reset – Practising Mindfulness

Now you are on your way to increasing the quality of your habits, you should also be practicing some mindfulness. this is simply to become more self aware of your thoughts and each moment of your day.

Ways you can practice mindfulness are;

  • Morning pages – Write in a journal first thing in the morning. This is useful for unloading your thoughts without paying too much attention to them.
  • Before you open your eyes in the morning, take some deep breaths and stretch. Whilst you do this, say affirmations in your head.
  • Journal your manifestations, gratitudes, affirmations.
  • Don’t go on your phone for the first hour in the morning and before bed.
  • Spend more time being present. Be in the moment when drinking your tea, when taking the dog for a walk.
  • Read more development books.
  • Meditate to frequencies, or gudied meditations.
  • Practice yoga to relax your mind and body.

And thats it! I wanted to try merge the weeks into each other in order for the flow to be better. Any questions let me know in the comments below!

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