May 15

Why Life is Completely Weird, and How to Deal With It

A thought process of mine since buying my first home, is that like is completely weird. It just is isn’t it?

Everyone is here on this planet doing different things, achieving things daily, or achieving things slowly. I’m not sure if it’s because I spent almost a year feeling excited to move out, every penny I have ever made was spent buying furniture or used for the deposit.

Now I’m here, I feel like… What’s next?

Which is an extremely, rather stupid thought. There is SO MUCH MORE TO COME for anyone in anyones life.

I feel bad when I am just sitting down watching tv. Feeling like I should be doing something to feel productive, or to make money, or to experience something new.

When really, no one is doing something 24/7 and living slowly isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact, living slowly is rather peaceful, it’s calming, and it’s way less stressful. You just have to learn how to live slowly first.

Social media tells you that in order to be successful you need to be working hard all day every single day. But what if you don’t get any joy out of doing that? Then don’t do it.

It’s all about how YOU feel, not what people think, or see online. Life is what you make it for yourself, and what makes you feel happy.

Success isn’t measured in money.

Success is measured in what you are getting from life. If you’re happy, healthy, and living the way you have always wanted to, or are working towards that, then well done!

Things that are OK but feel like they aren’t

  • Binge-watching a series on Netflix ISN’T A BAD THING
  • Spending two hours in the bath IS FINE
  • Taking a chill day and only making your bed IS OK
  • Skipping a workout because you feel shitty, is absolutely REASONABLE
  • Having what feels like no money in your account because you have recently worked hard towards a very large purchase IS NORMAL.

The list could go on. The meaning behind this post is to portray that yes, life is completely weird. Life works for us all in very different ways, and we all want and need different things.

Don’t feel pressured into living your life the way someone else is. You need to live it to your means, and what makes you feel like you’re fulfilling your own life.

Obviously, you can still grow as a person. You can achieve. Learning never ends. You aren’t stuck, life is just going slowly. You aren’t wasting time. What else do you want to be doing? By all means, get the jobs ticked off your list that need doing, don’t push things and hope they go away. But just chill, everything is fine.

Slow Living

Living slowly will help you to feel more understanding of what life is really all about. It’s all about you. What you learn, how you act, your feelings, the people in your life and so on.

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I hope you enjoyed another rambling from me. If you’re feeling the same, I would love to know what you think in the comments below!

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