I started writing a novel from the beginning!

My Writing Journey // Writing A Novel (Starting Again)


Writing A Novel (I’m Starting Again!)

So if you have read my two other writing journey posts, then just forget about them…

Because I have started again.

Writing a novel from the very beginning, and scrapping what you had done before, is very frustrating.
I am glad I did though, because this time round, it’s SO much better.

I could go back and delete the two other posts, but it’s a nice reminder for myself to NOT write how I was…

I started writing a novel from the beginning!

Why I Started Writing A Novel, Again…

As you probably read in that last couple of posts about my writing journey, I thought of an idea, made a few notes, then started.

Which went well for about 9,000 words. Until I HATED the story, and the characters, and I had no clue how to fix it, because I hadn’t planned enough. (I could have paused and planned for it, but I was too far into a mood about it.)

I had also been warned that the no plan way doesn’t always work. So lesson learnt.
I have no idea how I passed my writing course when I hardly planned at all…

I was/still sometimes, a huge ‘just do it’ kind of person when it comes to creativity. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. This time. It didn’t!

So I sat in silence for a while.ย 

Listening to my brain tick and cry. Until I had a lightbulb moment.

I had thought of my new idea, hallelujah!
The characters, beginning, middle, end, the sub plots, relationships, the theme, the whole lot.

So I decided to plan a bit more… Not a whole lot, but more. Just so that I had a greater understanding before I went into it.

Now I have started writing it, and I actually like this one. Thank goodness.

(The only bad thing is. I have thought of a new book idea, and i like it so much, i want to finish this one, so i can start the next!)

I understand that I probably didn’t need to get rid of the last one. But this is just the way that I want to write. Although this post is a sort of guide/motivation to start writing your own, I know that everyone begins writing a novel differently…

This photo is irrelevant

I Changed My Process

I turned to my holy grail. Pinterest
(Even though im rubbish at using it and have about two followers – FOLLOW ME PLEASE I WILL BE SO HAPPY )

Pinterest is the place I turn to for advice, and infographics, because I love them and they help me.

There are tons of different sites and pictures to help you when writing a novel; This is where I stumbled across the novelfactory.com, where I have been using their novel in a year series.

I have to admit, I haven’t stuck to the time frames, and I may have jumped ahead but, the site is so easy to understand, and made me feel really good about myself!


When you click on the link, there’s another little link at the top called the novel writing roadmapย .

  • This is where I have learnt more about plotting (a way that I understand!)
  • How to write a synopsis.
  • How to plan characters.
  • Figuring out what happens in each act, how to create a climax.
  • Creating head and tail scenes (didn’t know what that was before)
  • Realising its okay to make mistakes, just correct them!
  • The First draft doesn’t need to be perfect.

Overall, if you are starting out writing a novel, I highly recommend you use this roadmap, it has helped me a ton.
(Ps, this is not sponsored im just a big fan…)

How I Feel Now

I feel so so so so happy with my writing at the moment, I feel motivated, and I feel like yes, I can do this!

All I want to do is write books, be an author, live at home with all of my books on untouched shelves and drink tea all day. (High expectations for myself.)

Life is too short to crawl through writing a book you hate! The best tip I ever read was to write the book YOU want to read, then it will be good, and fun, and wont feel like such a drag.

What I Am Writingย 

I’m not going to give away too much, but currently, (im writing the first draft, then I can tell where its going).

The genre fits under the umbrella of Contemporary Thriller, I think? I always tend to go more towards the thriller side of things, I have no idea why, maybe it’s just my brain. I start writing a novel that’s not all too bad, then add a load of weird creepy stuff and kill all my characters (that’s not a spoiler by the way, just a slight exaggeration.)

The story I am writing is inspired by something I wrote for my writing course last year, about a young girl who goes missing, and ends up in a house, that is very weird, and its very emotional, and unexpected.

I really dont want to give it all away until I know for certain how it’s going to be! I will update you again once I have written the first draft.

I only added this photo in because the sunlight looks kind of cool


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See you next time xx

Charlotte Dawson

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