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Positive Affirmations to Enhance Your Life

Positive affirmations to enhance your daily life

I think a lot of people read things like this and about positive affirmations and think “what a load of rubbish” but HONESTLY I can promise that having a more positive mindset on life and actually visually seeing/reading and saying positive things will change your life. *Small disclaimer* I am in no way saying that it is easy to change your mindset and that everything is great ALL…

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Practising Self-Care After Work


Why you should be practising self-care after you have been to work…Do you feel exhausted when you return home from work, and you really just don’t want to do anything? Then feel bad about not doing anything to look after yourself? Keep reading. After the weekend, or when you have been off work for a long period of time (COVID-19 pandemic) it is important to keep on looking…


Starting A Blog – Blogging Platform & Themes


Here it is! Number three of the blog series… Now you have decided to start a blog, the next thing to do is to just do it! That is honestly my best advice. Putting things off doesn’t help you learn, and blogging is a whole learning process. This post is going to talk about what platform to use and how to find a theme since those are two…

Life Self-Improvement

Give Yourself A Current Life Review


Giving yourself a life review is a good idea for a number of reasons. Do you feel like you are stuck? Emotional? Or just plain confused about everything at the moment? Sitting down to review your life and everything in it can help bring some clarity and also help you understand what needs to change and what isn’t actually that bad. There are a few steps you can…

Life Self-Improvement

Productivity – Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad


Productivity is something that makes us all feel good about ourselves like we have accomplished something great so therefor the day has been worth it. However, when you don’t do anything productive, it can strangely make you feel really rubbish and a ‘waste of a day’. I am writing this post to explain why you shouldn’t feel bad about not being productive, and how actually, we are all…

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6 Small Ways To Holistically Improve Health


How to improve health holistically. This means not just your body, but also your mind and everything else that comes with being overall healthy. I have just written a post on how to increase your good vibes, this will also help you to lead a more positive life! This post will hopefully give you some things you can integrate into your everyday life to make some small improvements…


Starting a New Blog – Things To Consider / Ep 1


Hello! If you have reached this page you probably want to start a blog, and have hopefully already read the introduction to this series – How To Become A Blogger… If you haven’t, then go have a read of that first just so you know what to expect. If you have read, then you will know that this is the second part to the series, and another easy-ish…

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How To Drink More Water Life Hacks


Staying hydrated is SO important for a number of reasons. In order to drink more water, we need to feel motivated to do so. Once you feel de-hydrated, it’s too late! Your body is going to feel rubbish for a number of hours before it’s fully hydrated again. Making sure you drink throughout the day is key to keeping a happy body. (We all want that) Drinking water…


How To Become a Blogger – Introduction


Welcome to the start of a very exciting How to become a blogger series I will be creating here on Written By Charlotte. Once a week I will be adding to this series in the hope that it helps you gain more knowledge on blogging, and to also watch my journey of being a blogger too. I have only been running this blog properly again for about a…


Why You Need an Emergency Fund


If you have never heard of an emergency fund, but you want to start saving your money better or just being clever with your money. Then read this post! If you haven’t yet, read my How to Save Money blog post to get an idea… An emergency fund is essentially a backup account that will help you save (if you don’t use it) and give you peace of…


Life After COVID – Things To Do/Think about


Here comes the debate as to whether life should go back to normal again or if after all this COVID-19 business is over, we should create a new, better normal. So, here is a post about life after COVID, things to do, and what to remember. I am sure you have all been sitting and thinking about all the things you want to do when life goes back…


Plugins for WordPress Beginners – What You Need


Here are a few plugins for WordPress I could not survive without on my blog. Don’t worry, they’re all free! There are tons and tons of plugins you can install on your blog, but these are the ones I think are best for beginners and those who are trying to make their blog a bit easier to handle. The plugins you install depend on what kind of blog…