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Although this is not directly lifestyle and wellness related, I have researched into a new topic and created tons of blog posts for Clean Email to help others understand how emailing works, and lead them to purchase the Clean Email app. 

I recently started creating my own articles over on Medium, go ahead and check them out! (Follow me if you'd really like...)

Connie had just started her online art business and asked me to create some content for her.
I created this long blog post about gratitude journaling. 

I create regular productivity content for Francesco at Keep Productive. From researching apps to created written content from Youtube Videos. 

I wrote a couple of environment related post for the Miljo Life website. This one is a huge book recommendation post.

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Content by Charlotte Dawson for Written by Charlotte. 

Here’s Why Your Business Needs a Blog… Yes, your business needs a

Craving productivity and being productive is a normal human thing. Productivity looks

This post is pretty much like one of those page-a-day entries. I

Hey, if you would like an example piece of writing just to make sure we are the right fit, just ask!

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