Looking for easy ways to increase your well-being? Here are three wellness trends you may have already heard of and how to integrate them into your daily life.

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Are you looking to level up your wellbeing this year? 2024 is the year you become your best self, and luckily for you, within this blog post are three easy things you can do to improve your wellness every single day.

Wellness content can sometimes seem overwhelming. All green juice and yoga (both very good things) this post explains a few different things you can easily add to your routine and find interesting.

So let’s dive into the three wellness trends you can start implementing today.

Wellness Trend #1: Mindfulness

Now, you have most definitely heard of mindfulness, it’s a pretty simple term, but surprisingly not a lot of us practice mindfulness. This is a shame because once you master this, you can pretty much handle everything and create a peaceful and joyful life.

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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the act of being more aware of your mind, where you are, what’s around you and so on. By becoming more mindful you begin to enjoy the small things that happen each day. The Glimmers of life some say.

You can practice mindfulness in lots of ways, this can include journaling, learning how to be more present, expressing gratitude and much more. To begin adding mindful moments into your daily routine, you could try some of the following.

How to Add Mindfulness to Your Day

  • Begin writing down the small things you notice each day. The sound of the birds, the taste of your lunch. Use your senses to help describe these things and explain how they made you feel.

For example “Today the birds sang as I drank my morning coffee. This made me feel excited for the day but also relaxed and content with where I am right now.” This hits two of your senses and adds a little gratitude in there.

Over time it will become natural for you to notice these small moments.

  • Accept yourself for who you are, this may take a while and a lot of rewriting of your brain, but once you accept yourself, love yourself and appreciate yourself, more magical moments will come.

For example: Each morning look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself something you like, this can be physical or an attribute you are fond of. You could also write affirmations on your mirror, add images and maybe listen to some guided meditation.

Once you have practised self-acceptance for a few weeks you will begin to feel much better.

  • Finally, learn to be more present. Switch off the TV, put your phone on silent and do something out in the real world. Experience things, see things, speak to real people.

A few ways you can be more present is to join some activity groups, maybe go for a walk without listening to music and just be in nature, or just sit and drink a cup of tea and notice things of a certain colour in your environment.

You’ll soon begin to appreciate less screen time and find more enjoyment in your silence.

Wellness Trend #2: Adaptogens

Right, I know this word seems scary and maybe you are already thinking NO WAY whatever this is I’m not doing it. What if I told you adaptogens are found in food, or you can buy them as powders and supplements to easily add to your daily routine…

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What are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are essentially made up of herbs, mushrooms and other natural products that help your body adapt to stress, anxiety, depression and much more. Many people take adaptogens to help them feel calmer throughout the day and to focus better on their work.

You can add adaptogens into your life by adding extra ingredients into your meals, such as different kinds of mushrooms (shiitake, cordyceps, reishi, lions mane), or you can drink tea made with adaptogens such as ashwagandha and holy basil.

Overall, adaptogens help your body regulate stress hormones, reduce fatigue, improve your immune health and reduce inflammation. Something we could all take to help improve our wellness and wellbeing.

Types of Adaptogens and What They Do

A quick rundown of a few adaptogenic plants and adaptogenic mushrooms.

  • Holy Basil – Helps to improve mood, reduce stress and manage blood sugar/cholesterol.
  • Ashwagandha – Has calming properties to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Asian Ginseng (there’s lots of different ones) – This has antibacterial and antiviral properties.
  • Cordyceps – Minimal studies show it can help with stress, worth a try!
  • Lions mane – Reverses stress related to dopamine hits, and also has antibacterial properties.
  • Reishi – Supports the use of adrenal glands that secrete cortisol, the stress hormone.

You can buy most of these ingredients as a supplement, powder to mix with your food, or you can add mushrooms and herbs to your diet.

Wellness Trend #3: Digital Wellness (Two Ways)

In this section, we cover two different kinds of digital wellness. The ‘detox’ which means removing the use of anything digital, and the wellness tech, the different apps and how you can use technology to improve your wellness.

What Does Digital Wellness Mean?

Digital wellness can mean two things. It can mean making more of an effort to reduce the use of digital technology such as using your mobile phone, notifications for emails, playing games and more. Or, you can look at it as a way of improving wellness using mindful apps and tools to integrate into your daily routine.

We will go over the two methods, you can either pick one to suit your needs best or create a healthy blend of the two.

The Complete Digital Detox

The complete digital detox is when someone wants to reduce or remove the use of digital technology to improve their mental health and wellbeing. Using technology wastes a lot of time, time we can spend doing exercise, reading, learning, socialising and much more.

Here’s how you can perform a digital detox to improve your mental wellness.

  • Create screen-free zones – A great place is the bedroom since you can use this space to fully rest and not be distracted by a screen.
  • Schedule times to be device-free – This could be around dinner time when taking the dog for a walk or even for two hours in the morning and night.
  • Go on a digital detox retreat – You can find stays that make you lock your devices away for a full detox.
  • Use a blocking app – Set limits on how long you spend on apps and the web using a blocking tool such as Freedom.

Using Tech for Wellness

On the other hand, you can use technology to improve your wellness by adding tools to your daily routine. This may be in the form of specific wellness applications, listening to music, following a guided meditation and so on.

Let’s take a look at a few ways you can use tech for wellness.

  • Meditation apps – Meditating is a great way to help calm yourself, and your nervous system and begin to regulate your thoughts and feelings.
  • Music – Lots of people listen to healing frequencies, meditation music and other kinds of background sounds to help with focus.
  • Lumie Lamps – You can use lamps with SAD benefits, the Lumie is a great option.

There we have it! Three wellness trends you can add to your daily life. My creating a more mindful daily routine you will for sure begin to see benefits very quickly. To recap here’s what you can do.

  • Implement more wellness into your day by becoming more mindful each day.
  • Add adaptogens into your diet, take them as supplements or as a powder.
  • Take frequent digital detoxes, or use technology to support wellness.

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