Staying hydrated is SO important for a number of reasons.

In order to drink more water, we need to feel motivated to do so.

Once you feel de-hydrated, it’s too late!

Your body is going to feel rubbish for a number of hours before it’s fully hydrated again.

Making sure you drink throughout the day is key to keeping a happy body. (We all want that)

Drinking water constantly seems tedious and it’s so easy to forget when you’re going about your normal day…

So, I have written a post about some easy hacks to make sure you drink more!


Life Hacks to Drink More Water!

Forcing yourself to drink more water when you are so out of the routine of doing so, can be hard. Water can also be a pretty boring thing to drink, especially if you don’t feel thirsty.

These little hacks may help you to up your intake of water every day.

1 – My BEST hack, personally, for drinking more water, is to use the leftover squash bottles and fill them up three times a day. They are usually a litre and a half, so plenty of fluid! Also, reusing the squash bottles at home is an easy way to always have a large drink with you especially if you can’t be bothered to keep filling up your glass.

2 – Make a mental reminder to take a drink after every little thing you do. So for example; If you have just finished creating a blog post or mid-break, have a drink. If you have just got off the phone, have a drink! Every task you do, have a drink. This is why its good to have a larger bottle of water since it will last longer.

3 – If you don’t like drinking water, drink alternatives. Use sugar-free squash to protect your teeth, and because you don’t need the extra sugar. OR create water infusions (I will list some examples below).

4 – Set reminders on your phone. Set a reminder for every half an hour to an hour to drink a glass of water, or take a big drink from your bottle. Sometimes it’s easy to just forget about it, so a reminder on your phone, or smart watch, will help prompt you.

5 – Use a water bottle that measures water for you. There are loads of bottles that have visual reminders to drink at certain times of the day, and bottles that have counters so you can track how much water you’re drinking.
– An example of a water bottle that tracks intake

6 – Track your water intake via an app on your phone, OR use your bullet journal and create a nice spread so you can visualise how much water you are drinking.

Why You Need To Be Hydrated…

There are lots of reasons as to why you should stay hydrated, your body simply needs water in order to function properly.

However, here are a few key reasons why you need to drink more water and stay hydrated every day.

  • Improves physical function and abilities – Can exercise for longer, but also feel better Dehydration can make you very ill and feel really rubbish!
  • Optimal brain function – Being hydrated has been proven to increase your brain ability. Of course. You wouldn’t want to sit an exam whilst dehydrated and gagging for a drink…
  • Prevent, or treat migraines – None of us enjoys having a headache. If you’re prone to migraines, staying hydrated may help tremendously.
  • Helps overall bodily function… – Cells need hydration, your body needs water in order to go to the toilet, you literally couldn’t survive without having fluid in your body.
  • Helps with hangovers – Drinking water after drinking alcohol can help it flush from your system, and relieve the headache.
  • Improves your skin – Hydrated skin is clear, not dry, and mostly blemish-free.

If you can think of any reasons as to why you make sure you are drinking enough water daily, please comment!

Photo by Dylan Alcock on Unsplash

Water Infusion Ideas

Infusing your water with fruits can really help you to drink more.

Its fun, its pretty, and tastes nice.

Not only that, but infused water also has its own health benefits too.

Infused water helps to detox your body (claims to anyway).

  • Raspberry and Mint
  • Blueberry and Lime
  • Lemon and Cucumber
  • Strawberry and Mint/Basil
  • Whatever you want! – Mix different fruits and find a combination you like.

Personally, I like to just have lemon and cucumber, or water with just one thing.

I find using berries a little bit pointless because they cost more and they just go all squashy… Whereas you could still eat the cucumber or lemon (or reuse them).

Sustainable Water Bottles

This is not an ad but I just think the concept is such a good idea. This company clean beaches, plant trees, and do not use plastic! – Boxed Water Is Better

Below are a few water bottles that are better for the earth than buying and throwing away plastic ones! Invest in a good quality water bottle and you will be able to keep the same one for ages!

Swell is just an example brand, but there are tons of good quality stainless steel bottles that are great too.

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments, and which water bottles you like to use the most… (I love a good water bottle)

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  1. This is so important, especially at this time of year when the temperatures rise. I struggle to drink plain water all the time, so instead I flavour it with sugar-free squash like you mention. I’m totally with you on the reusable water bottle point. I love a good water bottle too! I rarely leave the house without one. I like to think that I’m quite good at drinking plenty of water, but I always know when I need to drink more as I get a fussy headache. That’s my warning sign. Setting a reminder alarm is a great idea as it’s easy to get focused on a task and forget to hydrate!

  2. I used to be so good at drinking water when I was at work but during lockdown I forget while I’m at home! I’m actually tempted to start setting a timer to remind myself to drink water because I’m getting to the point where I can tell when I haven’t been drinking enough!

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