We are almost halfway through 2020 and it has been a wild one… I know that when life does go back to normal after COVID I want to start choosing to live more positively and increase my good vibes.

What are good vibes? Good vibrations! This sums it up;

The more good you put out, the better good vibrations you get.

Imagine life is like a wave. If you choose negative, your wave will lower leading you into having bad vibrations.

If you choose positive and live life fully, your waves will be higher, and so will your good vibes.

Does that make sense?

Keep reading and hopefully you will learn more!



I mean, if you don’t really want to read this, you could just read Vex Kings book
(please keep reading)
– Good Vibes Good Life

I promise you, reading this book will create changes in your life you didn’t think you needed. It’s like a really good life bible. It’s the kind of book you need to read at least once in your life.

This post doesn’t contain anything the book talks about just because I really want you to read it. So don’t worry, theres no spoilers here!

If you do read Good Vibes, Good Life, please let me know! Or if you have read it, I’d also like to know what you think!

However, regardless of if you read it or not, this post will give you a few ways on how you can raise your good vibrations in order to lead a good life! Sounds simple really.

Good vibrations + positive choices = Good life…

Good Vibes Rule One – Choosing Positive

Every single day we are all challenged with minor or big tasks that require us to choose a route to go down. What you choose really does make an impact on the way you are living at that moment.

Those two routes are negative and the positive.

Think about the most recent time you have been angry or moaned about something or someone… Could it have been possible to take a positive route instead of a negative one? It may not have felt like it at the time, however, this is all a learning curve. No one is perfect and positive all the time. It’s about choosing to change our actions instead.

It is easy to quickly be negative. It’s just what we do since the most common reaction is negativity, and it makes us all the same.

Some other ways you can choose the positive is to just slow down.

Living slowly enables you to think about every little thing in more depth and detail. You can pick apart the situation to eventually realise there must be a positive or a good reason. Even if the reason is really small…

Of course, this doesn’t count for absolutely everything. Life throws us curveballs all the time, sometimes negative emotions are the only way for some time.

But don’t worry, you will be okay, and you will be able to see positives in most situations soon enough.

An example could be when you experience a breakup. We all have. At the time its the worst thing in the whole world. Once you have had some time to heal and to weigh out the pros and cons of what had happened, you will realise things get better, and things are better!

A few things to help you choose the positive

  • Learn to not react on impulse and with no thought. Breathe. Take some moments. Then choose.
  • Allow yourself to go through the motions. If you are upset, be upset. Once that emotion is over, be over it and think deeply into the positive outcomes.
  • Weigh it out. What immediate future do you see if you choose to argue about something? Not good. Voice opinions by all means, however, these negative emotions will never be in your favour in the long run.
  • Write things down. This helps you to visualise something. After you have written something down, you will be able to visualise it differently.
  • Be grateful for where you are and the situations you are in. Don’t hinder your feelings by letting something minor get to you. Choose to not let things bother you and you will feel better.
  • If it won’t matter in five minutes. It won’t matter in five years. Take this however you want too. However, the likely hood of something happening right now that causing bad feelings, will probably not matter in five years.

Increasing Good Vibes

SO, here we are. Let’s talk about how we can increase our good vibes.

Our vibrations come from all different sources;

  • Your mind
  • Actions
  • The people you surround yourself with

Increasing good vibrations in all of these areas will, in turn, make your life SO MUCH BETTER.

All three of these aspects are important.

Lets do this in sections…


How to increase your good vibes via your mind and thoughts;

This is probably one of the most difficult things to train to choose positive since it is so easy to be negative quickly.

Your mind holds so many learnt behaviours and we all get stuck in our ways. The way your mind works will be heavily influenced by the people around you too. This is why you need to think about who influences you.

So, the best thing for anyone to do is to have their own sense of self, opinions and thoughts.

The best way to do this is to not just agree or jump on the bandwagon with negative things. You will learn to control this impulse and these negative thoughts eventually. It is just like creating a new habit.

It takes time to train your mind into thinking better thoughts and to influence yourself to carry out more positive actions. However, you will get there and you will be fine.

Here are some things that might help your mind choose the positive and let in the good vibes.

  • Don’t get sucked into negative media and other peoples thoughts. Create your own judgement.
  • Learn what works for you in the sense of gathering thoughts before acting on them.
  • Create more positive actions for yourself. Be active. Create. Go outside.
  • Make sure you are being healthy, hydrating, and sleeping well.


How to increase your good vibes via your actions;

Your actions show how you feel about something and they also create feelings inside of yourself, and other people. These can be verbal or non-verbal.

This means it includes the things you say, the things you do, and the way you act. One of the biggest lessons you will ever learn is realising that you probably do act in ways that need changing.

Once you have figured this out, your life will improve dramatically. Not only will you feel better within yourself for choosing positive words and actions, but others around you will notice and thrive off this too.

Your good vibrations can bring others up too!

Here are a few things you can do to change your actions to increase good vibes;

  • Stop being horrible… Not that you are BUT if you feel yourself talking about someone else, saying negative things ‘bitching’ then just stop. Your bad vibes are increasing when you do this.
  • Choose better vocabulary. Use words with good meaning, and talk when it’s positive or useful. Don’t say things to get a reaction, or to cause arguments.
  • Follow the rules of just being a good human. This basically just means to behave. Don’t act like something you aren’t, don’t cause harm to others. Be a good person. I am sure you understand this one.
  • Be helpful. Increase your good karma by giving out what you wish to receive. Help others in all aspects of life, but make sure you are also taking care of yourself in turn.
  • Don’t burn out. Look after yourself like I mentioned above. Take time to apprentice being with your own self and learn to love your own company.


How to increase your good vibes via the people you choose to surround yourself with;

This is one of the biggest ones, yet they all work together.

The people you are around will affect your vibrations massively.

The law of attraction.

Surround yourself with people who enhance your life. People who choose to do good things and improve their own lives.

Don’t surround yourself with people who bring you down or don’t support you. Choose to keep people that show the traits you wish to see in yourself one day.

  • Evaluate the relationships you have. Do these people bring good into your life? How do they make you feel
  • Don’t exhaust yourself on people who are not willing to treat you how you wish to be treated.
  • Tighten your circle to the people who matter the most, and the people who influence you the most. Keep in mind who is there to support you and give you positive feedback

It is hard to change the circle you are in. I don’t think it is a good idea to cut everyone off. First talk about how you feel. If nothing changes and you’re still feeling like you’re being dragged down, then re-evaluate the people in your life.


Thank you for reading I would love to know your thoughts!

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  1. Great advice on being more positive especially cutting out the negative and not bitching about others. I have some friends that tend to do that and I try so hard to just change the subject.

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