How to improve health holistically.

This means not just your body, but also your mind and everything else that comes with being overall healthy.

I have just written a post on how to increase your good vibes, this will also help you to lead a more positive life!

This post will hopefully give you some things you can integrate into your everyday life to make some small improvements to your overall health.

They are super easy and achievable!

I will be covering a few things for physical and mental health.

improve your health holistically

Improve Your Mental Health

I have written a few posts on this topic if you wanted to read them first or instead of this! If you are reading this during the Coronavirus then they may help!

Improving your mental health is important for everyone. So here are a few things you can do to change your mindset and live better.

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Reduce time on social media.

The internet can be a horrible place, especially when you fall into a pit of searching and overthinking.

People can be mean, and sometimes things shared online can really make you feel awful.

Reduce the amount of time you spend scrolling through feeds and only follow accounts that make you feel good!

Take time for yourself.

If you are a very selfless person, that’s not a bad thing.

Helping others and being there for people is a great thing to do and will increase your good karma.

However, if you arent looking after yourself too, then you will find yourself burning out very quickly.

Schedule a day off each week to purely do the things you love.


Keeping your mind busy and learning new things is a good way to stay focused and looking forward to something.

We make ourselves feel proud and happy when we achieve something new.

Maybe there is a course you want to take or a skill you want to learn.

It could be anything!

Small Physical Health Improvements

I’m not sure what is harder, improving your mental or physical health. I suppose it depends on the person and what you are going through. So, improving your physical health is a good idea because, in turn, it will make you feel better overall.

I have some posts here too about ways to improve your bodily health if you wanted to take a look!

Take A Break and Move

If you are working from home, or find yourself sitting still and not being active for a prolonged amount of time, try and find something that makes your body move every 20 minutes or so!

If you are staring at the screen, taking a couple of minutes away to move around will also help your eyes!

Take a walk outside, or simply move around your house.

Go up and down the starts so many times every day. Make a habit of just standing up and moving! Even if you stand to do some stretches.

Of course, if you are at your place of work this may not be possible. So use your break times to go somewhere else, or make sure you’re active when you’re home.

Even if that just means getting a sweat on whilst cooking or cleaning, or walking the dog!

Stretch in the Morning!

This is a good habit to have.

Having a stretch in the morning increases your blood flow and will help you wake up too. Your stiff body will feel some movement, and over time, you will start to feel better and bendier!

You could try a five-minute yoga session (Yoga with Adrienne is always good) or simply create your own routine of stretches before you hop in the shower.

Be Conscious of what You’re Eating

This is one you are always told I am sure of it.

However, eating better will make you feel better holistically! Eating your fruits and veggies will help you feel healthier and more energised!

Although, it’s okay to treat yourself now and then. It’s all about balance.

An easy way to add more health into your diet is to substitute the ‘bad foods’ with just as yummy good foods! Add some vegetables to your dinner, and include fruit in your breakfast and snacks.

Consciously cut out sugary products and cut down on the greasy foods!


Thank you for reading, let me know in the comments what small changes you have made to holistically improve your health!

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