Well look at that, Written By Charlotte is making a comeback. I’m excited about this one though, things are different, things are changing, its all good here.

Written By Charlotte was originally created to share my interests and knowledge on writing, but things change.

I’m sure you have all experienced the feeling of not wanting to force content just because its the niche you’ve started with and IT’S FINE. We are allowed to change our interests and the things we like to do.

Written By Charlotte Returns

I had stopped blogging because I wanted too. Simple as that really…
I wasn’t feeling motivated to talk about the things I had been, and I was quite frankly just having a bad time, so blogging just didn’t even pass my mind.

Thankfully, I have decided to return to blogging so I can learn more about the process and hopefully turn this into something successful, and share my journey with you.
A long time ago I had a lifestyle blog where I posted random things from how to make a smoothie to my favourite yellow coat *cringe*, so here I am, back at it again to blog about lifestyle things…
(No content about yellow raincoats though…)


What To Expect

As I mentioned, this blog was solely about books and writing.
That is still true since I do have a category all about books and writing under ‘HOBBIES’, so, if you are here for that kind of content, do not worry.
I still read, I still write reviews and I sometimes still write fiction.

However, the different subjects can be seen above in the navigation bar…

    If you require a service to do with blogging or writing (or something of that kind) then click on this link to find out more and contact me. I am available to create content for your websites/blogs, so drop me a message if you are interested!
  • LIFE
    Healthy Living: I have recently been working out and trying to be healthier… I will be sharing all sorts to do with food, fitness and more, here.
    – Self-help/ Advice: This category is about all kinds of things that can help with your own personal development, especially within the areas of taking care of your mental health and wellbeing.
    – Personal: Here you will find things about myself if you are interested… I will be sharing some of my own life stuff that hopefully will be relatable, or entertaining in some way.
    One of the reasons I have decided to relaunch this blog is so that I can start earning money from it! Who doesn’t want to earn some money from something they spend a lot of time working on. Of course, as of now, I have only ever made about £6 from blogging and that’s just from ads…
    Because this is something new, I am hoping this side of the blog is somewhat of a journey for us all… A learning curve.
    – Social Media: This category will be about how to use social media and little tips and tricks I have found useful when trying to grow platforms and utilising them to earn/gain traffic to your blog.
    – Blogging: Speaks for itself… This section will help you with your blog, I will also share updates from my own blog here too.
    – Selling Products: Eventually, I would like to sell my own products. If you would also like to make some money online, have products to sell is another good way of receiving some income. Using your blog to do this is a great way of marketing yourself
    This category is yet to be established. At the moment there are a couple of sections about the things I have already written about and the things I already like to do. This is subject to change as I’m sure I will pick up more hobbies/want to write about different things in the future.
    – Books and Reviews: I haven’t written many book reviews. I have deleted some that I just didn’t want on here any more too… I will be sharing book reviews as and when I finally finish reading books!
    – Writing: As you may already know, I do enjoy writing fiction. However, this hobby comes and goes, so I guess the content here will too!

To conclude, Writtenbycharlotte.com is now a lifestyle blog. It is still a little bit about reading, but more about relatable topics a twenty-something-year-old might want to talk about or learn.

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Thank you so much for reading this post.
Sorry, it has been a while, here’s to Written By Charlotte Blog in doing well (woo)…

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