January 30, 2022

Craving productivity and being productive is a normal human thing.

Productivity looks like so many different things, and without it, some of us crumble to nothingness aka a pile of tears and stress due to their sheer lack of productivity.

In this post, I’m going to explain why some humans crave productivity, the different ways we are productive every single day and how productivity can sometimes be toxic.

You will learn how to be effectively productive, why it makes you feel good, and how to chill the f*** out.

The Need To Be Productive

We all feel the need to be productive, I think of it kinda like a meter in your brain.

If it’s low, or running empty, then the feelings of stress and procrastination kick in.

Some of us can fill this meter easily, simply by going to work, cleaning the house, or even doing some exercise. For others, this isn’t enough (*cough* me).

The struggle you face if you’re like me is your productivity meter NEVER feels like you’ve done enough to deserve a rest. Which of course is TOXIC…

Completing tasks, ticking things off your to-do list and living within a tidy home feels never-ending, but once you get there, you feel great.

Aaaaand then it’s time for bed and it all starts again.

This is when you need to learn balance.

(And give yourself a bloody break.)

Productive Practises You Didn’t Think About

Here is a list of minor things we all may do day to day without even thinking about it.

  • Caring for yourself: Bathing, brushing teeth, getting dressed, all that stuff.
  • Cooking, fueling your body.
  • Tidying up after yourself.
  • Reading/researching.
  • Seeing family and friends.
  • Making the bed.
  • Caring for your pet.
  • Shopping (whatever makes you feel good).

Toxic Productivity

Toxic productivity appears when your lack of doing things ruins your life.

There is a beautiful lifestyle called ‘Slow Living’ which I will talk about in another post…

Slow living means allowing yourself to enjoy life and all of its motions, without adding stress or the need to be doing something in particular just to feel good about it.

It’s all about the balance, baby.

I encourage you to take a look at the #slowliving on Instagram, there are so many aesthetically pleasing accounts that can motivate you to live slower.

Some Slow Living Practices

  • Living in the moment – take everything in, the weather, smells, people, your surroundings.
  • Less screen time! Put your phone down, stop scrolling.
  • Doing the little things – spend more time making the perfect cup of tea for example.
  • Slower movements – find a time to meditate, or practise yoga.
  • Practice mindfullness and gratitude – appreciate what you have, vibe higher.

Effective Productivity

To avoid draining every metaphorical battery in your body, learn how to effectively be productive.

  • Work with your menstrual cycle, track when you feel the most productive, and chill out when youre feeling sluggish.
  • Find your peak times.
    You may work better in the morning, midday, afternoon or night.
    Personally for me, I like to get all jobs around the house etc done in the day, and I write/work from the afternoon onwards.
  • Write smaller to-do lists. You really dont need to get so much done!
  • Prioritise important tasks.
  • Take breaks inbetween, get some fresh air, a change of scenery.
  • Once you feel like youre forcing it. STOP.

The moral of the story is.

We are all doing so much all of the time. You deserve a break, and to slow down a little.

Begin practising slow living today, and see how it changes your life.

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