There are plenty of reasons why setting intentions is powerful for personal growth.

Here are just a few.

  • To develop the skills you already have.
  • Increase your focus on a task.
  • To define your expectations of something.
  • To become a better person. 

For instance, you might want to improve your confidence. By setting powerful intentions you can outline how to personally grow and the steps you need to take to get there.

The law of attraction also comes into play when setting intentions.

When you provide your intentions to the universe, the universe begins working. By staying on a high vibration, and working towards this goal, the universe will present your wishes in divine timing. 

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Why Should I Set Intentions for Personal Growth?

Personal growth is a subject we are all interested in, why wouldn’t you want to grow as a person?

By setting intentions you can grow on a deeper more personal level, and also enjoy your journey along the way.

Setting intentions for yourself is different from setting goals.

There isn’t one end goal for setting intentions, it’s more like opening a door to find three more doors, then five more doors.

At each door, you will have learnt something new about yourself and had an enjoyable journey that feels more fulfilling.

Whereas a goal is just one door that takes a longer journey to open.

  • Goals:
    Your goals are very end-sighted, there’s an end goal and once it’s completed, it’s finished.

    Goals are also very future-focused. There is also a sense of pressure when setting a goal.

    Goals can also be limited to something money motivated or materialistic. For example, earning an amount by the end of the month to be able to purchase X item.

  • Intentions:
    Intentions can also focus on the near future but are more about your current self, beliefs, values and motivations.

    You can receive your intentions by choosing to be positive towards yourself and acting upon positive decisions.

    Intentions keep you grounded to where you are right now, rather than what you want in the next few weeks.

That is why setting intentions for personal growth will work better than setting goals. Your intentions will eventually change you overall, thus creating growth.

Setting intentions for personal growth

How to Set Intentions

To begin with, choose one or two intentions to set, otherwise, your mind can become overwhelmed, and the process won’t work.

Always try to stay positive and on a ‘high vibe’ as they say! Although, always allow yourself to feel all the emotions you need to.

Don’t apply pressure to your intentions. Feel all the feels, naturally. 

Ways to Set Intentions…

There are a few ways you can set your intentions,  the key is to figure out what really works for you.

  • Writing “I WILL” statements.
    Write these on your phone, or anywhere you will read them often, this helps solidify your intentions when you need them.

  • Think about who it is you want to become.
    Begin to change your characteristics to become this person. Write down your current behaviours and narrow down the ones you want to change.
    Think about what intentions you will set and when you will set them.
    For example, if you’re about to play a sport, set intentions and feel good about it at the same time. 

  • Set guides for yourself.
    You may want to focus on one thing at a time. For example: Being healthier, being more confident, and having more involvement with the community. Once you have developed a routine of setting intentions for these things, and noticed a difference, you can move forwards. 

  • Speak to the object or to yourself in the current moment. 
    For example, if you are about to deliver a speech, set your intentions to yourself, whisper them quietly, and feel all the feelings. “This speech will go smoothly, my audience will enjoy it and learn from me.”

Examples For Setting Intentions:

  • “I want to play an active role in looking after the planet.”
    You can think about this daily, perform an action that supports this intention, and go from there. This may lead you to tons of different outcomes and experiences.
  • “I will feel happier each day.”
    You can spend more time thinking about your day and what made you happy, thus creating a better mindset.

Extra Tips for Setting Intentions

  • Think about how someone who you aspire to be like, or admire, acts. 
    Observe behaviours, take notes, and perform this way yourself.
    For example, someone you love may always have a positive outlook.
    This doesn’t mean life doesn’t have negative areas, however, this person manages to see the good and accept the bad. You can learn to do the same.

  • You could create a list of words that make you feel a certain way. These words may inspire you to be a different and better person just by reading them each morning or night. (Happiness, good vibes, calm, slow, warm.) 

Thank you for reading this lengthy post. I hope you have found some powerful inspiration here somewhere.

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I would love to hear what you think below in the comments!

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  1. I love this post! I have been reading a little about Law of attraction recently and I think setting intentions will help me to become the person I want to be. Thank you.

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