I think a lot of people read things like this and about positive affirmations and think “what a load of rubbish” but HONESTLY I can promise that having a more positive mindset on life and actually visually seeing/reading and saying positive things will change your life.

*Small disclaimer*

I am in no way saying that it is easy to change your mindset and that everything is great ALL the time. Trust me, I fully understand that there are bad days and good days.

I write posts like these because not only will they help you, they help me too. Creating this content also allows me to learn and better my life. Hence why I love to share it with you, I want you to be on this journey.
I also would love it if these little positive posts made some difference in your lives too.

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What are Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are basically simple phrases you can read or say, that will defend yourself against negative feelings and emotions.

Affirmations are also used to boost how you are feeling. This website is great for learning more about the science behind it all. – Positive Daily Affirmations – Positive Psychology

So, they can be pretty much anything. From simple sayings to longer phrases. You can choose what you want it to be depending on the use of your affirmation.

For example, if you wanted to build some courage for a new job interview, you could tell yourself :
“Whatever happens, happens. I have given it my all, and the outcome will show me down the path I need to venture.”

Some Examples of Daily Affirmations

It is so easy to create your own to fit in with your life and what you want.

Simply sit with a pen and paper and write down your wishes and how you are feeling. Remember to think positively, and reinforce your feelings with words by writing them down into phrases to say out loud and to follow.

The first five are the longer ones I have created for my self. Don’t forget to PIN IT! Of course, affirmations can be a few words, or whatever you want them to be, depending on where you are right now.

I have created an infographic of some of the positive daily affirmations I believe help me.

  1. I know that good things are coming my way, staying positive and present will manifest the right changes in my life.
  2. Nothing happens overnight but I can spend my nights manifesting the life I want by simply dreaming and thinking.
  3. I trust in my process and believe that everything that comes my way has a meaning.
  4. I will not let the small things defeat me and ruin my day, I will learn to rise above.
  5. I can create the life I envision by following the right paths given to me and choosing to stay positive throughout my personal journey.
Don’t forget to pin this to your relevant boards!

Some smaller Daily Affirmations;

  • I can control my feelings, thoughts and actions.
  • The universe will provide for me.
  • I am smart.
  • Everything happens how it should.
  • I am successful and I will be successful.
  • My heart is calm.
  • Nothing is impossible.

How You Can Use Affirmations

‘Using’ daily affirmations is super simple and you can really do it whenever and wherever. All you have to do is the following things;

Find some affirmations you feel resonate with you, or write your own. Put them in your notes in your phone, or physically write them down (I find writing things down works better and feels more real!)

Either read them in the morning before going about your day, or set them as reminders to pop up whilst you are out at work, or busy doing other things. Sometimes it can be a nice pick me up!

Set your home screen on your phone to a motivational phrase if you feel you really need it that day.

Keep on writing them to fit your current needs. Then wait and see what happens. Stay positive throughout the process and you must really believe that it is working, for it to actually work. Yes, everything is in your head, but isn’t that the whole point?


Thank you so much for reading, I really hope this post helps you create some positive change in your life, and enables you to live more positively!

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