February 6, 2021

We all have things we wish our younger self could know now. The reality is; there was a reason we didn’t know it back then, but we do now…
Although that’s true, there are a few things I wish I had known. Or even listened to when I was younger.
Probably from the age of 12 until 18, it would have been great to have had a guardian angel or someone who told me to act a certain way, and what to do.

So, here I am 24 years of age, almost 25. Dwelling on who I was as a teenager, who I have become, and who I still want to be in the future (very near future at that).

Why am I writing this post? Well, I hope someone reads this and can relate to some of the advice I am about to give. I hope that unlike it did for me, these words of wisdom may sink into someone else, or maybe someone’s child, friend, relative.

I’m also writing this because I still want to evolve myself now. I am not who I want to be just yet, I might not ever figure that out. I just know I want to keep on learning, changing, and moving forwards.

This post won’t be long, so let me know what you think in the comments! What things were you told as a child/teen you wished you’d have listened too back then?

What I would tell my younger self.

What I’d tell my younger self knowing what I do right now…

These are the main things I felt like I have struggled with my whole life, and the things I wish I knew back then.


I can remember being slightly obsessed with my weight. Not that I thought I was overweight, I was extremely thin and everyone else knew it too.

However without many people knowing, I had really silly rules for myself like; only one piece of bread a day, don’t eat after 5 pm, I would make myself do some exercise right before I got in the shower.

This caused me to pass out, looking like I would snap, and feeling extremely horrible as soon as I ever gained any weight. Only just now have I became a weight I wish I was all those years ago.

Dear Younger Self;

You do need to eat more, you’re not too big, your clothes will fit better when you eat breakfast more often. Also, it doesn’t really matter what any else thinks of how you look, every one looks different. Just relax, find the things you like to wear and do it. You’ll never be overweight from eating an extra biscuit or having sugar in your drinks.


Friends is a hard one because it always been something that has been hard. I know that I’m a super-sensitive person but when you’re younger, your friends are your whole world. Whereas now its all different. People hold different value to your life now. It was all so dramatic and is so dramatic when you are younger.

Dear Younger Self;

You will have different friends as you get older. You don’t need to impress everyone and do what anyone else says of you, or how you should look, be or act.
Eventually, you’ll realise who you want to have in your own little bubble and those people will feel the same way about you, as you feel about them. Don’t let anyone make you feel as though you’re worth less than them because of who you are.


Ugh life was just SO ANNOYING wasn’t it? Honestly, school, college, boys, clothes, hair, makeup… All the stuff people bothered about daily that really don’t even need to make an indent on your life anymore. I was so worried about how I would live. I told myself I would be in my own home by 20, married by 24, kids by 25 well WOW Charlotte…

Dear Younger Self;

Stop putting pressures on time frames for different life goals. Everything happens for a reason… Just enjoy the moment and watch your life unfold and have fun whilst doing so. You don’t need to have it all figured out yet. I don’t even have it figured out now! Take each day at a time, and relax.


Relationships in every sense was just hard. I never knew what I wanted, what I deserved and so on.

Dear Younger Self;

You don’t need to be with someone to mean something. It doesn’t complete you being with someone else. Nobody in the whole world can make you feel happier than yourself. You are your most committed relationship and you are the most important person to you. Stop taking and accepting what you don’t deserve. When you aren’t happy, you can just LEAVE.

How Others See Me

It’s such a huge deal to everyone how you think others perceive you. It still feels the same now, however, you just end up caring less I suppose. When I was younger I was always so self-conscious about saying the wrong thing, wearing the wrong clothes…
I wouldn’t wear certain shoes, or types of trousers even though I liked them, just because other people weren’t wearing the same, or had already judged them.

Dear Younger Self;

You do you. It really doesn’t matter! The people who will eventually be in your life don’t care that you’re wearing Dr Martens that make your feet look a bit big, or sometimes you look like a librarian. (#relatable)
Just own it. Feel happy within yourself and don’t think about anything else. If someone is going to bring you down about how you look, then they aren’t supposed to be in your life. Only allow those that lift you and make you feel lifted.


Thank you for reading this, I hope it is helpful! I would love to know the one thing you would tell your younger self.

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