Here’s Why Your Business Needs a Blog…

Yes, your business needs a blog, if you don’t have one already, it’s time to start thinking about it!

If you have a blog but rarely update it, then you need a freelancer (yes, that was a shameless plug to me.)

You may be thinking blogging is a dying method. No one reads blog posts, it’s all on social media, and so on.

Well, I hate to break it to ya, but you’re wrong.

Blogging is still around, and it is going to be around for as long as, well, ever? Google is still here, so blog posts can still rank in search engines, still receive clicks, and still appeal to new potential readers and customers.

Have you been convinced yet? The following points explain WHY you gotta get a blog.

8 Ways Your Business can GROW with a Blog

  • A blog helps create long-lasting relationships.
    This means more chance of converting to a sale! Your readers will learn to trust you, learn more about your business and see WHY they should give you a chance.

  • Keeps audience updated.
    An obvious reason your business needs a blog!
    Your audience will be coming in at different times, they will need different information for each stage of their journey with you. By having a blog you can direct each reader to the next relevant page or post for their specific journey.

  • Build an email list.
    Following on from the last point, you can easily build a mailing list by adding a simple CTA at the end of each post. “Sign up here to receive the discount!” And so on… You know what I mean. An email list also makes your potential customers feel closer to you and more likely to go with your product, instead of someone else’s.
    Once they’re on your mailing list, they can receive further updates or even just an update of a new blog post.

    Worried someone might read a post and not buy anything? That’s fine. Once they have discovered your business through the power of blogging, when the time is right, they know where to come. They will probably save your website for a later date if they think it’s something they will need in the future, but not right now.

  • Better internal linking
    You can literally direct your readers onto the next stage by adding clickable links relevant to the blog post. For example, if your blog post is about the benefits of using a product like yours, link to YOUR product!

  • Receive and share feedback.
    A blog is a great place to post testimonials from existing customers and clients. This helps with credibility and building trust. If someone is saying you’re amazing, that’s kinda convincing to someone else. You will also receive comments and interaction on your blog posts to help answer questions or receive more feedback.

  • A place to share the gritty details.
    Overall, your blog is a place to share absolutely everything about your business. You can have a page for different topics and subjects. Cover everything your potential customer needs or wants to know in one place.

    This one is pretty good. Once you have a published blog post you then have so many opportunities to share it! Create multiple pins on Pinterest, link them to your latest Instagram post, and share them on LinkedIn. You can market your blog posts to increase the views on your site = and increase potential consumers!

Oh, You Want Some Stats?

  • There’s a 126% higher lead growth for a business with a blog, than a business without a blog.
  • Businesses with a blog can generate up to 67% more sales!
  • 82% of readers feel more confident in a product or service after reading informed blog posts.
  • 70% of people would rather read about a company via their blog rather than through an advert.
  • Around 60% of people will enter the next stage of the buyer’s journey once they have read a blog.

Final Note…

Well, the conclusion is up to you, do you believe your business needs a blog now?

(The answer should be yes, however, if you’re still unsure, I’m happy to have a chat about it!)

You can always try to start your blog yourself, however with all the work you are already doing, it’s so much EASIER and a little bit more logical to hire someone who literally writes for a living to do the writing for you, right?

The Next Step

Message me on social media to chat about a new blog, or a revamp of your existing blog.

I can give advice for stying, layout, and my honest opinion, however, I will only be offering the writing

(I mean, you can also hire someone to create a whole entire website for you, another great idea…)

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