Well well well, I guess I am back tryong to have another go at this blogging/writing stuff. The main reason why I want to is because I have really been feeling like something is missing, and this is it. Writing, sharing, creating content. So what better way to get back into it than sharing a little life update from me, and to explain in super short notes what has been going on the past however many months it has been. This may be a little personal, you might not be bothered! But for those that are, thank you.

Life Update in Months

Throughout these little monthly updates, I have tried to include something positive or something I am thankful for since these few months have not been my finest…

So a little reminder to everyone is to always seek to find the good in even the worst days. I promise it will make you feel better.

June –

Grandma had a stroke. Whole life stopped for me! I couldn’t concentrate on anything the whole time she was in the hospital (until August) Thankfully she is at home at the time of me writing this, and I have never been more grateful for a miracle. I was at work until the summer holidays which was positive. Also thankful.

little life update

July –

Still in this huge slump. Not having a great time overall! Although work was the one thing keeping me going, working with children does wonders when trying to keep your mind occupied! My family and boyfriend are angels for being able to put up with me (haha).

August –

Grandma finally came home but it was very stressful. Sorting out her care and dealing with my Grandpap who now has to care for her was slightly heartbreaking. However we are slowly getting there, and once again thankful for the progress that is being made! It was the summer holidays now but due to covid not a lot of things to do. However, I did go away to Bournemouth and Liverpool with my boyfriend which was a lovely break.

Happy me in liverpool

September –

Getting better! Started work and loving it. Grateful to have a job that I never dread no matter how tired, poorly or low I am feeling! This month went pretty fast, I can’t even really remember anything else other than working!

October (the time of writing this post) –

The best month so far since the world went into lockdown. My boyfriend managed to convince my dad for us to be allowed to buy a puppy before we hopefully move out next year… So now we are getting a Cocker Spaniel called Winnie (insta here and at the bottom!) I feel like I have forgotten about everything else that was bothering me and really starting to just live in the moment and to live slowly. Whatever was missing in my heart and soul has certainly been replaced with this puppy, so once again, thankful.

Life Update Summary

This year has been hard for all of us, we have all had our own battles to face but this doesn’t mean your own personal one wasn’t important to you. Just because someone else might have also had a bad time, don’t forget that you are allowed to have bad days too. Ride through them, know it gets better, but acknowledge what is happening and how you are feeling too. Otherwise, you’ll constantly be held hostage by your own emotions and how you feel inside your head. You are the most important person to you. Look after yourself first x

Thank you for reading my little life update. If you ever want to talk about anything follow me on Instagram or message me on here.

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