I finally finished reading Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens, and it was good enough for me to actually blog about it and write a review. This is also the first time in months that I have finished a book, and writing about one on the blog…

There are lots of mixed reviews on this book, some don’t like it at all, and others have loved it. I suppose ‘some’ features of this book may be slightly unrealistic BUT ITS FICTION, that’s the whole point surely… It’s not a true story, it’s not real. Anyway, let’s get into it.

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About Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

Set in the late sixties/seventies, Where The Crawdads Sing portrays the story of Kya, the Marsh Girl.
After her family eventually all left her, she brought herself up on the marsh with what she could and managed with what she had. Her only relationship being with Jumpin’ from the shop, who helps her with money and supplies. Eventually, Kya allows a friendship to grow with Tate who teaches her how to read and write. This ends in heartbreak.

After readjusting to being alone again, Kya meets Chase. They had met once before when kya attending school for one day. After her one day at school, she decided to never go back. Chase and Kya also have a romantic and what seemed nice relationship until Chase also breaks her heart.

Without giving much else away, a turn for the worst happens and Chase is found dead. Kya is immediately the main suspect, of course, since no one really likes her or knows her personally, they think she is weird and capable of doing such things.

Kya’s life is seemingly ruined, GOSH I can’t write anymore without giving details away so, yes, just read it now.

What follows after these events create drama throughout the story (I had to finish the book at this point).


What I Liked

I liked this book the whole way through, there never was a point that I thought it was boring or dragging, all of the information about Kya’s life and her upbringing is interesting to read.

I liked how this book is the female lead and shows a female caring for herself from a young age and being able to cope in her own way.

I also enjoyed reading about how Kya learnt how to read and write and become successful using the Marsh. She learns everything she can from the names of the birds, the types of feathers, and the different seashells etc, it’s all so interesting, I have never read anything like it. It’s hard not to like the main character because she is so different.

I LOVED the ending, but I can’t tell you what happens there. You just wont expect it.

What I didn’t Like

… That it ended? Well, no, actually I really enjoyed the ending. I really don’t have a bad word to say about this book.

Where The Crawdads Sing Book Review

Positive / Negative

The Positives

  • The time this book is set makes it even better, and it’s easy to visualise Kya’s life.
  • It’s so different and fun to read about a character who is alone and living differently to the normal person.
  • The story takes many different turns, it’s not just about how she lives alone, there’s drama, romance, pain, heartache… So many different themes.

The Negatives

  • I would have liked to have known what happened to her family, all her brothers and sisters… But that’s part of the story i guess, the not knowing.

Overall Opinion

My overall opinion on Where The Crawdads Sing is that it’s a great book with a fascinating story that you have to read. If you enjoy reading books from the era of 60/70’s then you will enjoy it. It’s not just your usual book, it’s about themes and depths I haven’t personally explored in reading before.
I liked how the story went back and forward through time to help you build up your own picture of what might have happened at the end. I enjoy trying to figure it out, even if I am wrong…

Star Rating

5/5 – Must read

If you are interested in reading this book, you can buy it here! Click Here *this is an affiliate link*


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