I started the bookstagram life a few years ago now… It took me a while to get used to it since I had no idea what to really post, or what to put in my captions.
Now I have learnt, you can do whatever you want really, just make it look nice…

First of all, I didn’t really know what I was going to post. I had no plan, no structure and no idea…

Bookstagram doesn’t have to just be books… It can be anything bookish, writing-wise, and even life wise!

Since writing full time and trying to get my name out there, I update my Instagram regularly with all kinds of posts, varying from personal ones, to writing ones, to purely books.

So, I am writing this post for you today to share my tips and tricks for taking photos, and ideas for captions and posts. Hopefully, you will find it of some use and will be able to integrate some of these tips into your account.

“All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost.”

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Post Ideas

Most of the time I just post however I am feeling that day.

If I have been clever, I will already have a backlog of photos I can. However, if I have been lazy, I’ll set up and take a picture of what I am currently doing.

Photo Ideas

  • Monochrome Books.
    Post a picture of books that are all the same colour, talk about what themes they have in common (if they do). Or, in contrast to that, post a rainbow picture, very aesthetically pleasing.
  • Books depending on the occasion.
    For example, around Halloween, you can post your favourite scary story, or Valentine’s day – Post your favourite love story.
  • Books in public places.
    Geotag where you’re reading! It’s fun and interesting, and you’ll most likely get a good photo.
  • Your reading corners.
    Do you have a cosy place to read? Or a place for inspiration? Post that on insta with the hashtag #readingnook #cosycorners or anything along those lines.
  • Your TBR pile (stands for to be read…)
    It’s cool to see what others are reading or thinking about reading next. Share the books on your pile and ask for recommendations to spark some conversation.
  • Food/Coffee
    Everyone looks a little coffee and food pic here and there. You can pretty much squeeze some books into anywhere and get a bookstagram worthy image. Also because who doesn’t like books and coffee?
  • Bookish things.
    By this I mean, candles, mugs, props, fairy lights…
    All can be included in your photos; some people even have their own shops where they sell their own!

Caption Ideas

  • Books reviews… Obviously!
    Make your reviews more interesting by adding emojis, maybe a different point of view/angle.
    You don’t need to go in-depth here if I’m honest, I hardly ever read the super long captions. A short and to the point summary does the trick. In return, you will probably get some feedback from others who have read the same book.
  • A quote from the book you are reading.
    You’ve probably already told everyone what you’re reading by now, so insert a quote that stood out to you. This may even influence someone else to buy the book.
  • Monthly Updates.
    Share what you read that month, what theme you followed (if you did).
    Add a star rating to each book, which ones you loved/didn’t.
  • Do a QUOTD (Question of the day).
    Ask your followers your most burning questions! Stick to the theme of books, writing, literature etc though.
  • Life updates.
    Don’t forget, you’re a real person, and so are your followers! A little life update or a #meetthebookstagrammer post will boot your recognition as a person, not just a reader.

Days of The Week Inspo

Sometimes it can be easier to create a days of the week plan, just so you know exactly what to post.

Hashtags are super helpful when posting as it helps your images be seen because it kind of connects you together with everyone else who is posting the same sort of stuff.

A good blog to read for WAY more hashtag inspo than what I have provided is – www.theriversidelibrary.com

Monday –

I love a good #mondaymotivation
Besides the fact its the start of a new week, it may also be the start of a new book! Share your plans for the week, what you want to achieve, and where you’re going to start.

Tuesday –

You can go down the path of a #tuesdaythoughts or #tuesdaytransformation.
What did your insta look like a month ago? Compare how far have you come/improved?

Wednesday –

During this time of the week, I like to reflect on the week and rethink how the rest of the week will go. So, a #wednesdaywisdom or #wednesdaywellness hashtag is a good place to start.
Share something you have learnt about yourself, or what your most recent read has taught you.

Thursday –

#throwbackthursday is a classic but you could also do a #tbr or #thoughtfulthursday.
Along with the #feels hashtag, you can also interject a little bit of self-help advice here, or maybe spark conversation with others about what they are reading, or what their thoughts are about a certain topic.

Friday –

#Fridayfeels is easy to remember.
It’s the end of the week! Without a doubt, the best day of the week for some of us. You can talk about what you have done, what you have achieved. Maybe even go over your goals for next week! Recap over the book/s you have read, how did it make you feel?

Saturday –

#saturdaymornings to share some weekend motivation or #saturdayselfie to show your followers you are a person…
I tend to always forget to post on Saturdays, so having old photos ready is helpful!

Sunday –

The end of the week, and time to chill! #Sundaychills #Sundayslumber
Take a photo of you and your books looking all cosy with coffee and snacks, maybe even share what film you are watching etc (my favourite kind of bookstagram post). Furthermore, you can drop another weekly overview in there too.

My Bookstagram/Writing Instagram



There are also tons of accounts to follow, simply search the hashtag #bookstagram and lots will show up.
I will be sharing accounts I love on my Instagram too, so make sure you are there to check it out.


Finally, we have come to the end!

I hope all those random bits of information help you at least get started with your bookstagram journey! When you have created one, comment your link down below!

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  1. I know this is an old post, but this really helped a lot! I am starting my own Bookstagram page and I felt overwhelmed! So, thank you very much!

  2. Thank you, this has been super helpful. I have followed you on Instagram for more of your content

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