August 14, 2019

Getting back on track is hard sometimes since life is a literal rollercoaster that does not stop going.

There is no off button, or break button.

This isn’t the film ‘Click’…

We can’t fast forward, or rewind time. All we must do is just keep going forward.

An important thing to remember though, before you start pushing yourself to breaking point. Is to always think about you.
If you’re feeling stressed, burn out, or about to give up.

Then it is okay to stop and take a break. If you like to read in your break and you are also out of the routine of doing that, read this post here – Get back into reading

Just don’t break and sleep for five weeks, keep in mind what you want.

So, when he hit the upside down twists and turns, it knocks us off track.

So, here are my five steps to get back on track, when you feel like you’re spiralling out of control, and away from what you want to achieve.

The Five Steps – Get Back on Track

Getting back on track is always the main goal when you’ve found yourself wasting time when you have better things to do. Most of the time it’s the silliest of things that make you lose control of your routine, and where you want to be.

For me, it’s my new baby. No, it’s not a human, he’s a tortoise. Meet Frankie. The pain in the arse who I cannot stop worrying about as if he is an actual child. (I love him though, just as much as a real human, I just wish he would chill out.)

get back on track, make lists

First Step to Getting on Track – What do you want?

Write down all the following

  • What you want to achieve.
  • Where you want to be in a years’ time.
  • Why you want to do it.
  • How you are going to do it.
  • Who can help you?

Once you have done this, it should be clear in your mind what your goals are now.

This is the most essential step when you’re trying to get back on track, you may well have written these lists before, but do them again.

Next, What is Stopping You?

Think about your time each day, what do you do every day? More importantly, what is wasting your time/what are you wasting time worrying about.

You cannot get back on track, if you keep on stopping!

Once you have identified your problems, think about how you are going to fix them.

At the moment, my tortoise is driving me crazy because all he wants to do is escape, and he keeps flipping on his back. Therefore, I am spending all my time watching him, and stressing about building a new tortoise table. Not ideal.

So, to fix this problem, I am going to build him a new table (and hope for the best).

Write another list of all your distractions and how to overcome them.

Getting back on track, bullet journalling, planning, productivity

Stop Stopping Yourself

Sounds ridiculous enough, right? Overcome all the things you listed in step two, or at least be starting to overcome them.

Sometimes it’s not as easy to fix problems in a day, or even a week. As long as you know you are finally sorting out the things you need too, you can move on and focus on yourself.

Remember the most important thing is you, and you are the only person that can get things done for yourself.

So, do it.

No more distractions. Reward yourself, or even tell yourself off!

Write More Lists

Lists are the best, if you do them right. It easy to write lists and get carried away with all the things you want to get done.

Don’t write ten thousand word lists, you’ll get lost, frustrated, and you’ll be back at square one!

I mean, write a list of three or four things each day, depending on the time you have, and complete them.

I like to write down lists and goals in my bullet journal, I use a Leuchtturm, you can buy one here! 

Other lists you can write are;

  • Things you want to achieve in the next month
  • what you want to achieve in the next six months
  • what you want to achieve in the next year

These lists help keep your head in the game, and your mind focused!

Then you can write under each one, the big tasks you need to get done, then under those, write the small details on how to do it.

For example, if you decide you want to publish a book, you can’t just find one in thin air, you need to work. Plan the novel, write it, edit it… Then you need an agent, and a publisher, then you need to market it. Once you have outlined all your steps, it will seem a lot simpler!

If you decide you want to plan a short story, I have already written a super simple post on how to do so! – Four steps to plan a short story.

Calm down, you’ve got this.

If you feel yourself falling back off track, you now have the five steps to get back on track.

Remember that you must allow life to take its twists and turns, and to not get frustrated if you are set back, just keep pushing forwards.

Stay calm and focus on yourself and what you want to achieve, and everything else will fall into place.

This step is mostly about staying on track, but also about giving yourself time.

If you feel yourself getting overheated. Stop before you burn out.

Have a well-deserved day off, take some time to chill, and be ready to get back to it.

five ways to get back on track, reading, writing, planning

If you feel like you need anymore help, dont hesitate to follow me, and message me on social media! I am always happy to have a chat, and help wherever I can. I would also love to hear your side of the story and learn how you get yourself back on track…

Some of the ways I am getting myself back on track is by freelance writing!
So if you know anyone, or need a writer, you can hire me!

View my portfolio here – Freelance Portfolio

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