Do you have a routine at night, or do you just go to bed whenever, however, feeling whatever?

Having a nighttime routine is a great way to feel better in yourself, and improve your daily routines.


Because with a good nighttime routine, you will wake up feeling ready for the day ahead!

I have written a post HERE about creating a daily routine and integrating self-care.

This post is going to explain the importance of a good night, and six ways on how you can perfect your own nighttime routine.

First of all, let’s assess your current routine.

Your Current Nighttime Routine..

First, let’s evaluate your current nighttime routine.

If you are reading this during the Coronavirus lockdown, then it’s understandable that all of your routines may have gone out of the window.

If this sounds true, lockdown or not, perfecting and creating a nighttime routine will one hundred per cent make you feel better once you have created a habit of it.

Apparently, it takes twenty days up to a whole month to create a new habit.
Treat your routines like learning a new habit, and you will notice the difference in yourself and how your days turn out.

I’m not saying a nighttime routine is going to change your life (although you will sleep better) however if you do the following, then you need to keep reading this post.

  • Staying awake until early hours of the morning
  • Don’t drink enough water
  • Snack until you sleep
  • Stay in bed for over an hour in the morning
  • Spend too long deciding what to wear the next day
  • Not eating breakfast
  • No alarms…

Six Steps for a Better Nighttime Routine

These are the steps that will help you perfect your nighttime routine. The following are things that I think are easy and you will definitely be able to achieve some of the steps, if not all of them.

Remember, your routine does not need to be perfect… It needs to work for you, that’s what makes it perfect. So try the following steps and adjust them until you have perfected your own routine.

  1. Get tomorrows things ready!
  2. Wind down phase one – Bath/shower
  3. Hydrate
  4. Set alarm, turn off the phone
  5. Wind down phase two – no screen time, read, write, think…
  6. Get comfortable.

Lets delve deeper…

Here are some details on how to perform each step.

1) Getting ready for the next day…

Prepare all of the things you might need for the next day.
This is so you won’t have to think about it and have a better sleep!

Things to get ready;

  • Lunch
  • Tomorrows outfit
  • Paperwork?
  • Bag

2) Wind down phase one

This is where you start getting ready for bed.

During this step, you want to spend some time getting your body ready for bed.
This can include having a bath or shower, washing your hair etc, you know what I mean.

Moisturise, brush your hair, put your pj’s on. Just do whatever you need to do until you feel fresh and ready for a cosy night sleep.

3) Hydrate your body

Hydration is so important, especially before you go to bed (you will probably need to go to the toilet before you sleep).

Your body has no intake of water or food for up to eight hours whilst you sleep, so making sure you have a drink before you sleep and wake up will help the overall nighttime experience.

I always make sure I take a drink to bed in case I wake up feeling thirsty.

4) Set alarm, turn off phone

If you are getting up for work in the morning, or another reason to wake up early-ish and not just whenever you want too…

Then set an alarm, and DON’T snooze!

If I go to bed knowing I have to be somewhere for a certain time, I find it so hard to sleep since I’m worrying about if I will wake up on time or not.

So by setting an alarm you will have peace of mind that you will not be late.

Once you have done this, silence your phone, and put it away.
No more screen time! Your eyes need a chance to relax too.

5) Wind down phase two

Now that your phone is turned off, you can begin phase two of winding down.

This is the best part of having a nighttime routine.

Once in bed, or on your bed, try to do one of the following to wind down your mind, and body.

  • Close your eyes, and just breathe. Think about the good things that have happened, or even talk through tomorrow in your head so that you have nothing to stress about during your sleep.
  • Read your book.
  • Stretches/yoga. You can find some really good five-minute bedtime yoga routines on Pinterest or youtube! I have a board on Pinterest for yoga here. Doing a few stretches will help your body feel less stiff and more comfortable.

6) Get comfortable

FINALLY, get in bed and get comfortable. The last stage of your nighttime routine, and the actual best one.

Turn off any lights around you.

If you need to sleep with earplugs or an eye mask, pop them in/or on…

Close your eyes and sleep!

If you find it hard getting off to sleep, try some breathing and counting exercises.

  • Breathe in on one, breathe out on two, breath in on three and so on until you reach 10, then start again.
  • Breathe in for three seconds, and out for three seconds.


Thank you so much for reading this post, I would love to hear about what you do at nighttime and how you get ready for the next day!

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  1. These are great tips for setting up your nighttime routine. I need to log off the computer/phone earlier than I do, and try not use them whilst in bed!
    I really like that you added the breathing too, that really works just to get you into a calm rythmn doesn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

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