Here is the next edition of the routine blog posts! Having a Morning Routine…
(The best kind of routine to have)

I have written two blog posts about routines already here if you want to read them first…
Creating a nighttime routine, and how to integrate self-care into your daily routine.

This post is going to tell you why having a morning routine is important, and a few steps you can make to change your habits and create a new routine.

Learning new habits does take time, but worth it in the end! If you are having trouble with staying focused and productive, then a morning routine will certainly help.

Why Do I Need a Morning Routine?

Everyone’s morning routine looks different depending on what they need to do throughout the day when they start their jobs etc.

You will already have some sort of routine. Things you do every morning from the moment you wake up, until you’re ready for your day.

Your morning routine just might not be working for you, or it might work perfectly fine and you want to make it better!

Having a routine in the morning will just help set you off for the rest of the day.

It doesn’t need to be drastic, your routine could just involve a few important steps that will push you forward to having a good, positive day no matter what you are doing.

Your Current Routine

If your current routine goes something like this, then continue reading this post! We all do these things from time to time.
(If you are reading this during the coronavirus lockdown… We are all guilty!)
I have some posts about things to do during lockdown and how to stay healthy during lockdown too.

  • Staying in bed until late (by late I mean past morning and almost lunchtime).
  • Scrolling through your phone for an hour before leaving the bed.
  • Snoozing the alarm five times every morning.
  • Rolling out of bed and rushing to get ready.
  • Having nothing to drink or nothing to eat before your day starts…

There might be more things you do in the morning that you shouldn’t, but above are the main culprits. These things are fine now and then, maybe when you’re having a lie-in at the weekend and things like that.

However, if you have work an hour after your alarm goes off, or you need to have your girl boss hat on straight away, then maybe change up your morning routine.

What a Good Morning Routine Looks Like

There isnt a perfect mornign routine since it all depends on how your mornings go and what they look like for you. However, here is a very simple idea of what a perfectly good morning routine looks like.

  • Wake up when your alarm goes off… Don’t snooze it
    When your alarm has gone off, don’t feed into the temptation of then sitting on your phone. Stop the alarm, and sit up.
  • Open the curtains to let natural light in (if it’s still dark, turn a light on)
    Letting in the light wakes up your eyes and your brain, it also stops you from wanting to crawl back under the covers.
  • Have a drink and rehydrate
    Your body has had no intake of fluids the whole time you’ve slept! Have a drink of water before you reach for your morning coffee or tea.
  • Hop in the shower
    Get ready for the day by having a cold-ish shower, brush your teeth and get dressed in the clothes you sorted the night before!
  • Have breakfast
    Eat a healthy breakfast that will see you through until lunch! Feeling hungry will lead to snacking or spending a long time.

So, there’s a really easy morning routine to achieve, and one that will get you ready for the day ahead. The above routine will work for those who need to get up early and have a job to go to since there isn’t a lot of steps.

These following things are also a good idea to add into your morning routine. Especially if you are reading this during the lockdown and not at work, or working from home. I have a board on Pinterest all about self-care and personal development if you wanted to include that into your routine.

  • Include some form of exercise
  • Write in your diary or journal
  • Tidy up your room
  • Moisturise your body
  • Daily affirmations
  • Put some music on
  • Listen to a podcast or audiobook
  • Read something
  • Meditate
  • Go for a walk

How to Achieve a Routine That Works For you

Achieveing your morning routine depends on how indepth you want to be, and what you want to do during your morning. If you have more time to exercise in the morning, then shcedule it in, or if you want to read in the morning then you can do so.

You will want to include these important steps, and then adjust the routine to work for you

  • Wake up with the alarm
  • Let light in
  • Have a drink
  • Exercise (if you want too)
  • Get ready for the day
  • Have breakfast

Once you have done those things, you can integrate the other activities listed above if you think they will increase your productivity and your mood throughout the day.

  • Doing things like writing in your diary, or creating your daily affirmations will help set your day on a positive note. I have a post about gratitude journalling here – How to start a gratitude journal
  • Exercising or at least practising some yoga or stretching will help your body to wake up and feel energised.
  • You might want to tick something boring off your list in the morning so you wont have to spend the day dreading it. For example checking emails, making a call etc…


Thank you for reading this post! I hope it has helped you create your perfect morning routine…

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  1. I love this post! My morning routine has been almost non-existent during lockdown but it’s something I’m trying to work on. Will definitely take these tips into consideration, especially getting up when my alarm goes off rather than snoozing it ? great post!x

  2. Thanks Charlotte! My morning routine has definitely changed now that we’re in lockdown and I’m not working. But it’s definitely changed for the better! The trick will be how much I can keep once everything opens again and we go back to work!

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